How does an exercise ball improve balance?

Exercise balls go by many other names—Swiss balls, Pilates balls, stability balls, therapy balls, yoga balls, pregnancy balls, and more. They are all essentially the same, with slight differences in size and shape to suit specific purposes. They are growing in popularity as a tool to improve overall health and strength. Do exercise balls also improve body balance and stability?

Improve Balance and Stability with Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are a great help in improving overall body balance and stability. They are useful for everyone, from children and teens who have difficulty balancing to older adults who struggle to balance. Most young and middle-aged people also have related problems such as stability, and sitting on exercise ball can also help with these problems.

Wall squat: Hold an exercise ball behind your back and squeeze it between your back and the wall. Slowly lower yourself with the yoga ball behind your back so that you appear to be sitting on a chair. Make sure the ball stays in place as you hold this position.

Plank: When doing a plank, place a large yoga ball under your hands or elbows to add a little oomph to your regular plank. This way, you can balance on the Swiss ball instead of resting your hands or arms on the floor.

Back Stretch: Place an exercise ball on the floor and lie on your stomach so the ball is under your belly. Press your feet against the wall so that your toes touch the floor. Use this as a starting position for regular back extensions.
Using medicine balls can be difficult at first, so be sure to consult your trainer on how to use them properly to avoid injury.

Why use an exercise ball?

They encourage positive balance while exercising or performing other activities such as sitting and working. Use an exercise ball instead of your chair for a short period of time each day at work.

They can improve balance and stability and reduce the likelihood of falls, especially in older adults.

They strengthen core muscles, improve posture and overall strength and fitness.
It increases the amount of calories you burn while exercising each day, which can help with weight loss and muscle gain.

While you shouldn't expect fitness miracles right away, a fitness yoga ball can go a long way in improving your overall health and fitness. They make your workout sessions more intensive, help you burn more calories than a regular workout, and help tone and strengthen your core muscles.