How to inflate exercise ball with bicycle pump

What's the point of owning an exercise ball if the one you purchased is lost and won't inflate? There's nothing worse than spending a long time researching to find the right ball for you, simply because you have no way to pump it up.

Here's everything you need to know about inflating an exercise ball with a bike pump.

Can you inflate an exercise ball with a bike pump?

Certainly! You can use a bike pump to inflate your exercise ball!

A bicycle pump works similarly to an exercise ball pump. Most bicycle pumps are manual and require you to actively pump air into the tire. However, there are also electronic air pumps. Electronic pumps are popular because they measure the pressure of anything you inflate.

What are the benefits of using a bike pump and why should I use a bike pump?

Very budget friendly

It's no surprise that we love good deals, and the best way to save money is to spend nothing at all. Almost any bike pump can be used to inflate an exercise ball, and an exercise ball pump doesn't have to be expensive, but why buy a brand new product when you can use what you already have?

We love finding ways to use the same product in multiple ways, there's no reason you need multiple hand pumps that work in much the same way.

An best exercise ball should be a relatively affordable purchase, so why make it more widespread when it's not needed?

Easy to use

The bike pump is very simple to set up and use, so you won't be compromising on convenience. You don't need to read any other manuals or ask a friend for help to cheer you up.

If you're looking for something easy, a bike pump in the corner of your garage is the way to go.

High quality

Many people may think that pumping up bicycle tires is more important than pumping up exercise balls. After all, riding on a flat bicycle tire is far more dangerous than bouncing on a slightly flattened ball.

It's not that we feel that way. However, this does mean that bicycle pumps are generally of higher quality. There are more companies trying to make high-quality bike pumps, so you're more likely to buy (or own) a reliable and sturdy bike pump.

How to inflate an exercise ball with a bicycle pump?

Unfortunately, you can't just insert a bike pump into an exercise ball and start filling it. If you do, you'll quickly find out that it doesn't fit. A bike pump valve and a sport ball valve are completely different, so you can't efficiently pump air into a ball without most of the air escaping.

If you plan to use your bike pump with an exercise ball, you will need to purchase an adapter. This must be purchased separately, but is relatively inexpensive. The adapter will plug into the end of your bike pump, allowing you to quickly fill your exercise ball with air.

See the plug on the exercise ball? how big is it Does it look like a needle pump or nozzle is needed?

If you're not sure how you should fill it, your best bet is to get a pump kit that includes several parts. This will save you from having to make multiple trips to the store to find the perfect fit.

Take your bike pump and unscrew the pump. Make sure to store it in a safe place and don't lose them!

Now take the correct sports ball pump nozzle and screw it onto the pump. To save time, we recommend testing the suction head before installing it on the pump.

You should now be able to pump the exercise ball normally.

How much should I fill my exercise ball with?

Let's take a moment to talk about how much you should inflate your yoga ball. If you have too much air in your ball, it will be uncomfortable to sit on. You also have the potential to pop it if it's overinflated.

On the other hand, an exercise ball without enough air will have a hard time sitting on it. You could end up feeling sluggish, and it doesn't challenge your core and balance very well.

Ideally, you want to be able to push the ball in about 2 inches. If your ball is not flexible enough, you should release some air from it.

Be sure to do this check after inflating the ball. Sometimes, a ball may look inflated but feel a little too soft to the touch.

How do you inflate an exercise ball without a pump?

You may not have a water pump near you, just head to your local gas station!

Most gas stations are equipped with an air compressor, which also works well for refueling medicine balls. We recommend that you keep the adapter with you in case the one on the air compressor doesn't fit.

You will need to pay attention to how full the ball is, you don't want to pop it! Inflate the ball slowly, it's easier to add more than to deal with an over-inflated ball.

You may want to clean the ball after filling up at the gas station, as they are not known for their hygiene practices.


The last thing anyone wants is to make a simple task like giving an exercise ball difficult.

You can rummage through your garage, get out your bike pump, and use a bike pump to effectively inflate an exercise ball.

You should also check to see if your gas station has an air compressor, as that works well too.