Trideer Pilates Ring
Trideer Pilates Ring
Pilates Ring
Pilates Ring
Pilates Ring
Pilates Ring
Pilates Ring
Pilates Ring

Trideer 12 Inch Pilates Ring

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About the Trideer 12 Inch Pilates Ring

Trideer 12 Inch Pilates Ring Circle Yoga Ring is a great fitness tool and among great yoga supplies for women to shape the full body for any age group.

Body Toning & Shaping

The magic Pilates ring works to build strength and tone your inner and outer thighs, and sculpt your hips while doubling as an effective arm workout device.

A perfect thigh master to engage your lower body to help build muscle mass and raise metabolism, this exercise ring in turn helps burn more calories so you can lose fat.

Versatility Fitness Tool

There are so many ways to use a thigh exercise equipment : with just one piece of Pilates equipment for home workouts, you can improve flexibility, balance, inner thigh tone, and strength.

Ideal for all types of Pilates exercises and barre workouts. Also good for physical therapy or rehab from surgery, especially knee and hamstring stretching.

Optimal Resistance

For total body conditioning, especially for engaging those lower abs and inner thighs, this magic circle is quite effective.

The ring has the perfect amount of tension, and if you’d like to see faster workout result that is brought by abductor machines, this is the product for you. Women who use the Pilates ring device after giving birth can strengthen their pelvic floor.

Easy to Use

The Upgraded Grip Handles will never come off and are more slip-resistant and easier to grasp.

The workout ring comes with an exercise guide for those who have little previous experience with the fitness ring.

Try this magic ring and you will love the fact that you can strengthen your muscles by simply using this yoga equipment for home workouts sitting on the couch or the Pilates mat.

Why Choose the Trideer 12 Inch Pilates Ring

Upgraded Grip Handles

The newly molded padding provides a comfortable and firm grip.

Compared with most of the sticky handles, it will never come off.

Lightweight & Portable

12 inches, a perfect size to be used by arms and legs. You can work your inner thighs by just sitting on the couch.

Light-weight, easy to store, and convenient to travel with.

Firm & Ultra-Durable

Compared to a metal product, the fiberglass ring provides good resistance, especially nice for beginners.

A great addition to the workout gear set for people from various age groups.