How do you go from 3.0 to 3.5 in pickleball?


  1. Less lobbying

I think we've all played games where we have a continuous lobber on the field. Can it work? Of course. Will it help you take it to the next level you want? No, we have to stealthily sometimes and have a good chance of stealth. I'm specifically talking about a deliberate third ball. What are we doing? You won't be overwhelmed by these often. If so, it usually goes out.

  1. Drill, drill, drill and drill

I started playing for fun. You know what's not fun? Failing to hit consistent shots and finish points prematurely due to unforced errors. Piercing is fun You're hitting more balls and exercising per hour better than playing games. Oh yeah, now you want to punch. If you want to increase your competitiveness Score points with each training session. This keeps my fire always burning. I enjoy Simone Jardim's workout below.

pickleball paddles

  1. Select a goal

How often do you think about where you hit the ball? It's not just who you're hitting the ball at. But where are you hitting? Are you thinking of hitting a drive to the backhand? Are you thinking of firing a third shot in the middle? You won't automatically start putting the ball where you want it. But intentional hitting will help get the ball where you want it. and help you strategize

  1. Don't be afraid to play alone.

The first summer I started playing pickleball. I can't play it enough. I'm riding my bike and driving to the track every chance I have. The only problem is sometimes I'm the only one there. We all know that you can practice ministry yourself. When you practice your serve, set the markers, I use a water bottle, see how many balls it takes to hit the water bottle deep on the court. Serving deep will make it much easier for you to set up the third shot.

Did you hit the net too much? Did you hit the fence too much? Yes, I've been there too. You can throw the ball up in the air or hit it up with your paddle. This is a great opportunity to practice puttball. Vary the height at which you throw the ball and try moving it around a bit.

Practice turning the shrimp. for this action I start at the left side of the NVZ line and throw the ball to the right side of the base line. (Be sure to practice both methods.) You can also practice dropping and driving as you run back to return the ball. I don't see many people practicing running backs to return tennis balls. But it's a key element of the game as more and more people mix in tennis balls during rallies. (I know I just said stop sneaking. But that was the third match from It's the basics!)

Do you have a wall in your yard or in your basement? Oh yeah, I'm talking about wall training. Take out your favorite tape and tape it 36 inches tall on your wall (center is 34 inches if you want to be extra precise) and 20 inches long if you have the space. Tape NVZ 7 feet from the wall. You Just created a temporary Pickleball NVZ, you can practice dining and volleying with this new creation. I made my hand much faster from volleying against the wall. It gives you not only speed but also control. Because you get more feedback from all the iterations you can do.

  1. Watch football

Have you ever hit a ball? Hack it? Do something else that you can't explain? Usually, when bad things happen It means you don't watch football. It's important to stay focused on the ball when it hits. You'll be much better off if you can see what you're hitting, trust me.

pickleball paddles

  1. Use the right hand

How do you hold the paddle? The best grip for beginners is the continental grip. (also known as a handshake grip Hold the pickleball paddle with your non-dominant hand and clasp your hand with the paddle. You are now holding a continental grip. You can check the form below.

  1. Get Low

You want to go under the ball and bend your knees. if you stand straight Your reaction time will be slower on going for a drink. And you will be the target of more acceleration. Start practicing pickleball in the water and you'll see how easy it is to drink.