No. 1 Global Sales

Top Global Annual Sales in Yoga Ball; 1M+ Annual Customers.

Ultimate in Envrionmental Protection

Up to CA Prop 65 Requirements; No Pb, Cd & Phthalates

What the Media Say About Us

"It's made from an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic material and pregnant women love it.

This was a godsend when pregnant, particularly in the 3rd trimester...."

"With over 19,000 reviews and a 4.6-star overall rating.

This Trideer birthing ball is a solid choice to use during labor, according to reviewers."

”The thick and reliable birthing ball is made of high-quality PVC material and is free from toxic and BPA substances.

Get this versatile ball home and help yourself in relieving stress.“


Offers a great lifetime customer warranty and a BPA and heavy metal-free construction."

"Best exercise ball for pregnancy.

One reviewer writes, “The ball itself works well and is very comfortable to sit on. I’m currently 9 months pregnant and it really takes away my pelvic pain!”

"Most Durable: Trideer Exercise Ball.

From the moment we unboxed the Trideer Exercise Ball, we could tell it was a high-quality ball."

What Trideer Lovers Say

Our happy clients

This yoga ball is better than I thought from reading other reviews on Trideer yoga balls. There wasn't any smell, stickiness, rubbing noise, or too many wrinkles with the one I bought. I did however see on another review that the L wasn't big enough for a 5'3 person and went up a size to an XL. I'm so glad I did! I'm pregnant and needed a larger ball that would support my weight, over 200lbs, and left me high enough to release pressure from my hips. I'm able to sit at a 90° angle with my feet flat on the ground and that's with the ball completely inflated. I feel very comfortable with this ball and love how sturdy it is overall.

United State

I originally ordered this ball because I wanted a way to try and strengthen my core without having to go to the gym. Although I have used it to sit on several times while watching a show/movie and to help me stretch out my pelvis/lower back when my muscles are spasming, ironically it has gotten more use from my kids. This has been the perfect “chair” for two of my kids with ADHD as a way to help them burn excess energy (bouncing or moving with it side to side) while reading, watching tv, or on the computer. Now it has become a fight to see who gets it first. So far it had held up to the constant abuse 2 ADHD boys put it through.

Amy Snow
United State

So I’m 5ft 8 200+ lb and pregnant and I got the ball to sit on and bounce on in a size L. It was easy to inflate with the tools they provided but if u have an automatic pump that will get the job done much quicker. It came with a paper measuring tape that said to use it to determine how big it should be so I was looking for a mark or something on it to show what size it should be but it didn’t have anything so I don’t really know what size it’s “supposed to be”. But it’s pretty sturdy after the first pump session you can use it but over time the elasticity will increase so you will need to add more air. It gets the job done.

United State


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