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Trideer, a well-known sports brand, owns many sub-brands such as "Vinguir" and "Lusper". Since its establishment in 2016, it currently has a R&D and sales team of hundreds of people. Its products cover yoga, pickleball, strength training, outdoor, etc. Various scenes.

 Trideer currently has millions of customers all over the world. We always develop and sell products with customers as the starting point, and are committed to meeting customers' needs for sports and fitness and their expectations for us. Trideer will always move forward with the values of benefiting customers.

 Let sports change your life, build a world-renowned sports brand, and strive to let all sports-loving users enjoy physical and mental pleasure with a strong body, and become a brand that leads users into the trend of healthy sports fashion.

meet the founder
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Trideer is a global leader in top-notch yoga and fitness products. Our expert innovation team make yoga and fitness accessible to all, regardless of age, body size, gender, or fitness level.

 At Trideer, we believe a movement becomes healing because you are honoring what you are feeling, and this is what Trideer aims at. We help you grow, transform and feel inspired to put your peace of mind and body first.

We believe that no matter how many challenges there are in the road ahead, we will meet them with enthusiasm and wisdom, and satisfy customers with innovation and service. All this is to achieve our mission---to make sports easier; for the essence of this mission The heart can be realized, we persevere, forge ahead together, and make unremitting efforts for our common dream.


Yoga series: fitness balls, pregnancy balls, therapy balls, yoga brock, stretching strap and peripheral products

 Pickleball series: Pickleball Paddles and peripheral products 

Strength training series: Weight benches, dumbbells, weightlifting gloves and peripheral products

Trideer deems that quality is the most important thing for an organization. Extremely high-quality control standards are set to warrant our products to be free from defects in material for 5 years to 7 years. Our products always go through extensive and stringent testings before they are introduced to the market. 

We provide both OEM and ODM services according to the different needs of customers and we launch new products every month. 

meet the founder
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Caring for others: People-oriented is our core starting point. When we develop and manufacture any product, the most important thing is to consider the visual experience and functions when consumers get it

Emphasis on environmental protection: Environmental protection is the foundation of enterprise development. In order to allow enterprises to have a better long-term symbiosis with nature, we spend more time and cost on researching environmentally friendly products to help the environment symbiosis

Emphasis on innovation: innovation is the foundation of an enterprise, we attach importance to innovation and regard it as the core development project

Customer-centric: customer service is our purpose, and doing a good job in customer service will boost our brand