How do you serve in pickleball?

Pickleball is played in pairs (each team with his two players) or solo. Double is the most common.

The same size playing area and rules apply for both singles and doubles.


Serve volleys and serve volleys must be done in secret.

The pickleball paddle that touches the pickle ball must be below the server's waist (navel level).

The serve starts at least one foot behind him from the baseline. Both feet must not touch the end line or court until they touch the ball.

The serve must cross the court diagonally and land within the boundaries of the opposing diagonal court.

He is allowed only one attempt to serve. (allow service)


service order

Both players on a double serve team have the opportunity to serve and score until they make a mistake. *(Excluding order of first serve for each new game)

Each side's first serve is placed on the right side of the court.

Once a point is scored, the servers switch sides and the server begins the next service from the left side of the court.

His server, when scoring in the next turn, continues to switch until an error occurs and the first server loses service.

When the first server breaks then the serving partner serves from the correct side of the court. (Excluding the order of the first serve in the game*)

The second server stays in service until its own team makes an error and loses service to the other team.

When the serve reaches the opponent (lateral), the first serve comes from the right court. And both players on that team have the opportunity to serve and score until the team makes two of his mistakes.

In singles, his server serves from the right side of the court if the score is even. From left court if odd