What is the most important thing in pickleball?

Please show yourself for service. It's the only tempo you can control from throw to tempo to speed. when serving Keep these tips in mind:

Throw the ball to the same spot every time for consistency and precision.

Place the contact point under your lower back.

Set a daily routine and take breaks.

depth is better than strength (best of both)! The deeper the serve, the better. Returning people will take longer to serve the food.

COME BACK FOR YOUR REWARDS Your goal is to make it difficult for your opponent to drive or drop the third shot.

Use a short backswing and follow up long for consistent, deep returns.

Follow the adjustment steps to keep your body in position. Your elbows should be slightly bent and touching forward.

Prepare your body in order before the collision and move forward after the touch.

use the third shot for heavy hitter This is more important! The third pickleball shot is a must. It gives you time to move up in the kitchen. (Which you should get the most points!) and pressure your opponent to make a decision.

The weight is forward and the contact point is directly forward.

Aim 3 feet above the net.

Keep it loose so that the ball doesn't bounce too high when it hits the other side of the net.

Shorten your backswing and think about the long follow-up.

If possible, pass the ball over your shoulder with little or no use of your wrist.

drive with purpose Drive is a great way to mix up speed and release the fifth shot more easily.

Hit the drive when the ball is too deep to drop or when you can get in to shoot.

keep drive low

Aim down or center

Ding, ding, and ding again, Dink, this is the most important shot in the game. Your goal is to require you and your partner to match the winner.

enter the standby position

Stand up paddle stance with the edge of the paddle facing you/opponent. Keep your elbows away from you and in front of your body.

Hit the ball in front of your body. not on your side

Don't put the paddle behind you. when hitting a deep ball to move to the back (not a spatula)

A high percentage of shots are often cross-field.

Grasp the handle lightly and push the ball with your body weight.

TRY ATTACK The work you put into the kitchen and hitting the table is to prepare the attack.

Use the method of turning on the green, yellow, red light.

Green light: When the ball bounces over your shoulder. and you can hit it down each attack But keep your body in position.

Yellow light: If the ball lands in the kitchen and bounces above the net. When you and your partner are in position to hit the next ball again. start attacking

Red Light: Whenever the ball is hit below the top of the net. Eve rarely hits this shot.

The best position to attack is the defensive line. This will give your opponent less time to react to the ball.

Block them into beast mode. No one is perfect. There will be times when you or your partner will have to defend the ball. Stay in the game and get ready to block.

Step back and stand at the point of impact. If your opponent tries to attack Take a few steps back and give yourself time to defend before they reach you.

Block the ball in front of the body. Readiness is important!

Ball to body = Block with backhand

Block the ball again in the kitchen. This will allow you to reset your score.