How to choose the right exercise ball

Yoga ball is one of the necessary equipment for many yoga lovers. Regular practice of using yoga ball can enhance the balance of the human body, correct posture, massage and lose weight, etc. So how do we choose the right yoga ball?

How do we choose the right yoga ball?

1. Pay attention to the material of the yoga ball

The easiest way we can identify by smell. Those using high-quality raw materials have no peculiar smell, while those using inferior toxic raw materials will have a pungent plastic smell. Do not buy them. In addition, whether it has passed the GS certification tested by TUV can also indicate whether its materials are harmful to the human body.

There are currently two types of exercise balls on the market, explosion-proof and pearlescent. The explosion-proof ball is made of high-grade explosion-proof material, which feels soft like a sponge, and at the same time has the pressure resistance and flexibility like a tire and the high elasticity like a spring. Generally, it can bear a weight of about 400 catties, which is safe and secure. The surface of the best yoga ball made of pearlescent material is very smooth and has good reflective properties, but in terms of craftsmanship, only some pearlescent powder is added inside, and the thickness is a little thinner than that of the explosion-proof material.

2. It depends on the feel of the yoga ball.

The surface of the fitness ball should be delicate, soft and highly elastic.

3. The proper size of the yoga ball. 

It is advisable for men to choose a little bigger, and for women to choose a little smaller. Size according to ball diameter: 45CM, 55CM, 65CM, 75CM, etc., if the height is between 150-160cm, it is recommended to choose a yoga ball with a diameter of 55cm; if the height is between 160-165cm, it is recommended to choose a yoga ball with a diameter of 65cm; Between -175cm, it is recommended to choose a yoga ball with a diameter of 75cm.

Yoga ball cleaning:

When cleaning the exercise ball, wash the surface of the ball with clean water or soapy water, do not use chemical solvents, it will damage the surface of the ball. For the comfort of the practitioner and for cleanliness reasons, the ball should be cleaned regularly and often, since the surface of the ball is often in contact with the floor. In order to prolong the life of the ball, the floor of the room should be kept clean and sharp objects should be removed.