How to remove plug from exercise ball

A exercise ball is an inflatable piece of exercise equipment, usually made of rubber. The Trideer exercise ball can enhance your workouts in a number of ways. They help improve posture and balance, and also strengthen your core muscles.

However, they can be difficult to store when inflated, as they can range in circumference from 60 inches to over 90 inches. So deflating them helps free up extra space in your workout space. Second, even if you have room to store the ball, over time the exercise ball will deflate and you may need to remove the plug from time to time to inflate it. Plus, the exercise ball is easier to transport when deflated. Unplugging an exercise ball for the first time can seem like a daunting task. However, once you get the hang of the process, it only takes a minute.

1. Plug Remover

Step 1
Slide the prongs of the best exercise ball plug remover around the plug, one on each side.

Step 2
Position the ball so the plug is facing up. Make sure there are no sharp objects near the ball that could puncture the surface of the ball when you remove the plug. Squeeze the plug remover to get a firm grip on the plug.

Step 3
Pull up on the plug remover to remove the plug. You may have to twist it a little to get the plug out.

2. Household Products

If you don't have the corkscrew that came with the ball, you can try using the edge of a spoon or the edge of a coin.

Step 1
Slide the coin or the edge of a spoon under the top edge of the medicine ball plug. The coin should fit snugly between the ball and the underside of the top lip of the plug.

Step 2
Grab the coin firmly with your thumb and forefinger, and flip the coin up and out to remove the plug.

Step 3
Use a pair of small pliers to grasp the edge of the plug and pull up to remove the plug.

Step 4
Slide the end of the flathead screwdriver under the lip of the plug, and apply gentle downward pressure on the handle to push the plug out of the hole.


If your ball didn't come with it or has been misplaced, you can buy a stabilizer plug remover from most sporting goods stores.

Put the stopper back in place after the ball is deflated to avoid misplacing the stopper.

If you're going to reinflate the ball, place your thumb over the opening so air doesn't escape. Or, if you want to deflate the ball, press lightly on the sides to speed up the process.


Be careful when using pliers or a screwdriver to remove the exercise ball plug.

These tools may damage the plug or puncture the ball.