Is it good to sit on a yoga ball at desk?

Several studies have confirmed the negative effects of sitting for a long time, such as lowering our metabolic rate or increasing the risk of diabetes. Therefore, more and more people pay attention to the problem of sitting posture in the office. Some of them alleviate the negative effects of sitting for a long time through continuous activities, and some people sit directly on the yoga ball to maintain the correct sitting posture.

The yoga ball itself is unstable, which forces your body to constantly make small adjustments to your core and lower body, through the stimulation of the core to achieve the purpose of exercising and maintaining a sitting posture. We all know that sitting for a long time is definitely not healthy, but if you sit on a yoga ball, you may reap some additional benefits.

Benefits of exercise ball chairs

There are many clear benefits to using exercise ball chairs, such as improving posture, expending more energy, and working our core. Because the yoga ball is unstable, we need to spend some effort to adjust the body to a stable state.

In a 2017 study, researchers monitored the body's physical responses during 10 minutes of sitting and concluded that sitting on a yoga ball activates lower-body muscles, and it may even improve core endurance.

Disadvantages of exercise ball chairs

But at the same time, some studies have found that there is little advantage to using exercise balls as an office ball chair in the workplace. In fact, some studies have shown the possibility of injury.

No center activation: Researchers are divided at the principle that sitting on an workout ball will increase center strength. While one analysis found that core muscles were exercised, 4 other studies found no difference in how the core was used between the exercise ball and the regular desk chair.

Tiny calories burned: If energy expenditure increases while sitting on an exercise ball, it may be small and not enough to reduce the health risks of sitting, according to a 2015 study.

Increased pain: Sitting on an exercise ball for a long time may cause increased pain, especially for people with back problems. When using an exercise ball, the range of motion of the back increases, and the pain may increase.

Greater risk of injury: Due to the instability of the exercise ball chair, it is very easy to lose your balance, the chance of slipping off the exercise ball increases, and the chance of injury increases accordingly.

If you go ahead and decide to use an exercise ball for work, here are some suggestions.

Size question

Due to ball height, angle and inflation level will vary. Your thighs should slope down slightly, not at 90 degrees. But the yoga ball chair shouldn't be too high, just about enough to rest your wrist on the table and feel comfortable.

Adjust the working environment

Especially on first use—if you have the freedom to customize your work environment—putting your ball in front of the wall can reduce the risk of injury.

Another alternative is to apply a base or body to keep the ball chair in place, a few frames even offer lumbar support, which may benefit lower back health by promoting a healthier posture (as long as the lumbar angle is not too extreme, thereby increasing lumbar pressure).

Cyclic progressive use

When starting to use an exercise ball as a chair, start with half an hour or less. Gradually increase the time of use according to the time you can tolerate.

How to clean the exercise ball?

Soap and water can help keep your exercise ball chair clean and germ-free. Stay farfar from harsh chemical substances as they could harm the floor of the ball. The manufacturer's instructions can provide additional guidance on the best cleaning method.

How Long Should You Be in an Office Ball Chair?

Aim to get up every hour or so, as sitting for long periods of time, whether on an exercise ball or a traditional chair, is not good for your health. You can set an alarm to remind you to take a break in time.