What are your best pickleball paddles?

pickleball paddles

From 2019 to 2022, SaFIA(Sports and Fitness Industry Association) reports that there is a 7.2% improvement of players. The largest part are the older who are aged over 65.

What is the reason why so many participants jump into the pickleball game? Low threshold is the first attractive reason for them. Moreover, players expressed that they can gain the fun and sociality from this sport. On top of that, the most important thing is in their backpack, which is finding suitable pickleball paddles.

4 key factors might impact your performance in the court which are materials, shape, weight and grip size.


Many people cannot distinguish the differences between fiberglass, carbon, graphite and hybrids. Basically, there are two main categories: fiberglass and carbon. fiberglass pickleball paddles is designed for POWER. On the contrary, one of the most attractive features of carbon pickleball set is CONTROL. Meanwhile, graphite and hybrids are between power and control, and they are more than artificial materials. Therefore, capability in comprehensive behind power and control might be their advantages, the weakness is wallet-friendly obviously.


It is common to see pickleball paddles with normal-size, elongated or wide-body shape. Elongated pickleball paddles are keen to help pros improve their skills in reach,while wide-body ones are quite suitable for players without rich experience. While, It is better to pick a piece of pickleball paddles with normal size for beginners.


Light pickleball paddles are easy to control while heavy ones provide you more power in the ball when popping. You should pick one pickleball paddles can benefit your competition and hit weakness for your opponent. It is noticed that players who are injured in the elbow or somewhere like that should not use the heavy pickle paddles to aggravate it.

Grip size:

Grip size are also importance for a suitable pickleball paddle. Finding a pickleball pad with the correct grip size for your hand size is just as important as finding the right shoe size for your feet. A heavy-duty handle provides more stability and reduces stress on your hand.

Using a pad with a large grip can cause the pad to slip out of your hand while playing. Paddles with a smaller grip size give you more control over the ball and allow you to add to your shots. Also, it's easier to switch hands when playing with a paddle with a smaller grip size.

When you're in a dilemma between two balls of cream of different sizes, go with the smaller one. This is because you can lift the pad with a small grip size and a tight grip. Oatmeal with a large holding capacity cannot be reduced.


No serious criterion for all the pickleball players, as long as you know your preference and can distinguish your one from hundreds of pickleball paddles.

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