How to choose the correct pregnancy ball size

Moderate exercise during pregnancy is very beneficial. Pregnant women can do some gentle exercise, such as yoga, which is of great benefit to the body and the fetus.

pregnancy ball

What are the benefits of birthing balls?

1. Pregnant women can use the birthing ball to adopt a comfortable posture, which can not only reduce the pain caused by pregnancy, but also shorten the delivery time.

2. As the body shakes, the yoga ball vibrates up and down to exercise the pelvic floor muscles and increase the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles, which is of great benefit to improving the productivity of childbirth during childbirth.

3. Using the delivery ball exercise can promote the pelvic relaxation of pregnant women and the descent of the fetus; when the fetus is in an inverted position, it is helpful for the rotation of the fetus.

4. In the second stage of labor, use the birthing ball to take a squatting position, which can expand the pelvic space and exercise the strength of the anal sphincter.

5. After childbirth, practice yoga with the production ball, which can maintain the elasticity of the thighs, buttocks, and abdominal muscles, which is conducive to restoring the original body shape after childbirth.

If pregnant women practicing yoga need to prepare yoga balls in advance,

How big is the yoga ball for pregnant women?

The choice of yoga ball needs to be determined according to the height of the pregnant woman. There are many diameters of yoga balls, such as 45 cm, 55 cm exercise ball, 65 cm yoga ball, 75 cm, etc. If you are petite, you can choose 45 cm. Pregnant women are taller, you can choose 55 cm. And 65 and 75 cm are more suitable for men. For yoga balls, choose a yoga ball with guaranteed quality and better elasticity.

If the height is 155cm-160cm, you can choose a delivery ball with a diameter of 55cm.

If the height is 160cm-165cm, you can choose a delivery ball with a diameter of 65cm.

If the height is 165cm-175cm, you can choose a delivery ball with a diameter of 75cm.

Birthing ball can also be used as a sports tool for fitness before and after delivery. It will produce a massage effect when it comes into contact with the human body, which is good for the blood circulation of the body. But when exercising, you should pay attention to slow movements, must have a regular rhythm, and pay attention to relaxing your body. Practicing yoga with a yoga ball can reduce the pressure of pregnant women and enhance the endurance of limbs and spine. It is a very beneficial exercise.

What problems should be paid attention to when practicing the birthing ball

When pregnant women practice yoga, they should pay attention to the shoes must have non-slip properties, wear well-permeable yoga clothes, and prepare water, towels, etc. in advance. Pregnant women can practice some movements that are suitable for pregnant women. Do not do difficult and intense movements like other students, so as to avoid harm to the body and fetus due to dangerous movements.

1. After 36 weeks of pregnancy, you can use the pregnancy ball to speed up the labor process and shorten the delivery time.

2. Someone needs to be supervised when using the birthing ball. When sitting on the ball, the center of gravity of the body is on the back 2/3 of the ball, the legs are separated and supported on the ground, and the knee joint is 90 degrees.