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Trideer is a global leader in top-notch yoga and sports fitness products. We have three sub-brands: TrideerVinguir, and Lusper, which belong to different product lines. Our expert innovation team make yoga and fitness accessible to all, regardless of age, body size, gender, or fitness level. 100% of our products are exported to customers abroad, such as North America, Europe, and any country or region in the world. 

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Diameter S (38-45) cm M (48-55) cm L (58-65) cm XL (68-75) cm XXL (78-85) cm
S (15-18) ines M (19-22) ines L (23-26) ines XL (27-30) ines XXL (31-33) ines
Height <4′ 5″ 4′ 5″-5′ 1″ 5′ 1″-5′ 9″ 5′ 9″-6′ 3″ >6′ 3″
  •  Choose the size according to your height.
  • E.g.: If you are 5’5’’, choose L.
  • Size up if your height falls between 2 sizes.
  • E.g.: If you are 5’9’’, choose XL.