12  'Hard Truths' about Pickleball?

Pickleball is a commen game almost 1/5 people in USA like, knowing some pickleball skill and having a good pickleball set would be really important.

pickleball set
  1. At some point you will not get betterm, no matter what pickleball paddles you have.
  2. If you don't like being hit hard, it's probably because you can't stand it.
  3. Pickleball game needs more variety.
  4. Pickleball specialization is not a threat.
  5. This is not fashionable.
  6. A college tennis player who has just learned pickleball can learn the game for three years and be good at it after three weeks.
  7. Some old man is going to suck you, no matter how old you are
  8. Just because you thought the ball was out doesn't mean the ball was out. A person's perception is easily distorted by movement, speed, current location, and even "belief" of being in or out.
    pickleball set
  9. Pickleball is good exercise, but like many sports, doing too much good can cause injury.
  10. To try/demo a new paddle, one or he two games is not enough.
  11. Lobbying is an effective strategy, not just a 'cheap shot'
  12. To play games effectively, you need hard and soft games. You can easily defeat it by just hitting the hard drive