Is ping pong and pickleball the same thing?

Pickleball is often described as a cross between tennis, table tennis and badminton. In fact, there are some similarities between the four sports. Table tennis in particular is very similar to pickleball. Not only are the paddles similar, but so are the techniques and strategies. yes i know. Sounds crazy. Buying ping pong balls may actually help you in a game of pickleball.

pickleball paddle

Useful skills that can be inherited:

Knee adjustment - no problem! Useful for pickleball games.

Lately I've been playing more often - partly out of necessity. A good friend of mine who sprained his knee on the pickleball court has a table. Every week he successfully swaps out a pickleball paddle for a ping pong paddle (bat) for one night for several weeks. Great fun and definitely perfect for a game of pickleball. The more I played, the more convinced I was that my skill and strategy at the ping-pong table would work just as well on the pickleball court.

pickleball paddles

There are three main differences between pickleball and table tennis:


Pickleball set and table tennis paddles are made of different materials. They make pickleball paddles out of wood, graphite, or composites. Most table tennis paddles are made of wood.

Paddle material affects speed, weight and durability. A pickleball paddle weighs about 7-8 ounces, while a table tennis paddle weighs about 5-6 ounces.

the net

Pickleball nets and table tennis nets also come in different sizes. The pickleball net is 36 inches tall and the table tennis net is 30 inches tall. Nets are also placed at different heights on the table. The pickleball net is placed halfway between the ends of the table, and the table tennis net is placed 3 inches from the table.

A pickleball net is further off the ground than a table tennis net. This is because the ball used in pickleball is lower on the ground than in ping pong. This allows players to volley the ball back and forth over the net without worrying about hitting it.


Pickleball and ping pong use balls of different sizes. A pickle ball is 2.875 inches in diameter, while a ping pong ball is only 2.7 inches wide. Pickle balls are plastic and have holes, while ping pong balls are solid and have no gaps.

That's all for pickleball and ping pong ball details.