Is a graphite pickleball paddle better?  

With the development of the pickleball sport, more and more people join this new and fun game, including celebrities(Bill Gates). Speaking of the pickleball paddles, there are a lot of factors that might impact your performance on the court, such as shape, face materials, core materials, or weight. In this article, you will cross the dirty details about materials, especially for the graphite pickleball paddles.

If you observe your team members in pickleball court, there are 4 types of materials that are used frequently in their hands: carbon, graphite, fiberglass and hybrids. Many pickleball fans cannot tell the differences between them, especially for graphite. Is it the better pickleball paddles? Let’s see the detials.

Graphite pickleball paddle is a type of carbon paddles, but it combines the advantages between carbon and fiberglass pickleball paddle, which is control and power.


  • Power
  • If you are an old, child, or someone who has small strength in sports, graphite pickleball paddle would be your type of tea. It can provide the largest power in all materials.

  • Weight
  • Graphite pickleball paddle also has a benefit in its weight, it is the one of the lightest pickleball paddle across all the materials.

  • Durability
  • Graphite pickleball paddle can be used for a longer time compared with the traditional materials: wood, plastic.


  • Precision
  • If you are a pickleball beginner,fiberglass can help you accurately hit targets.Graphite might not perform as good as fiberglass one in the precision. In other words, the precision provides a wonderful pop for your competition, as the feature of fiberglass materials help concentrate the energy to the core in pickleball paddles.

  • Price
  • Speaking of the price-friendly pickleball paddles, graphite pickleball paddle might not be a good choice, but it is the most cost-effective one across all the features and materials.


You must know what feature you want to get from your pickleball paddles to choice your good friend. If you focus on power, weight and durable pickleball paddle, graphite pickleball paddles would be your best couple.