What makes a pickleball paddle better?

Pickleball has evolved, and what was once a retired community sport now has more courts than ever before, with major league pickleball and professional players on national television. Everyone catches the pickleball bug and more than ever your pickleball paddle can make or break your game. Whether the player is new to the game or an experienced veteran Regardless, players are looking for a better pickleball paddle. What is it that makes a pickleball paddle better?

To find the answer to this question, we need to analyze the pickleball racket. More importantly, you, the player. Unfortunately, there is no one paddle that is perfect for all players. We are happy to say that there are better paddles for individual players.

Below is a breakdown of what makes pickleball paddles better for potential types of players.

paddle weight

Pickleball paddle weight is an important factor in choosing a better paddle. Every player is different, so this can be harder than it looks. Below are descriptions of lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight and the types of players that benefit from each paddle weight.

lightweight pickleball racket

Lightweight pickleball paddles are considered 7.5 ounces or less. A great option for better ball control, great for dink, great handling. Lightweight paddles help players generate more head speed, so lightweight paddles are best suited for players who can hit hard and generate their own power. or difficult to drive. Lightweight paddles are ideal for players who prefer to use more wrist action, less strain on elbows and shoulders, and play around the net.

Midweight pickleball racket

Medium weight paddles weigh about 7.6 to 8.4 ounces. A great option for new players who are somewhere between a control player and a power player. A player who sustains an arm injury of any kind, including: shoulder injury, elbow problem, or wrist problem. Medium weight pickleball paddles dampen vibrations more than lighter options. If you're wondering about weight, a medium weight paddle is your best bet.

heavy duty pickleball racket

A heavy pickleball paddle weighs over 8.5 ounces. The heavier the paddle, the more power the player can produce with less effort. Heavy designs slow down swing speed and sacrifice control for the player. These pickleball paddles are not recommended for players with arm problems as they can increase stress on these joints. Heavyweight pickleball paddles are a great option for lightweights who need more power, players who prefer to play from the baseline, and single his player power his shots.

Player type

What's a better paddle without a player? To find the best pickleball paddle, you have to watch your own game. Punishing the other team for every mistake or every toe, banger? Below are descriptions of the different types of players and the types of players you'll find the best pickleball player types.

control pickleball racket

Touch pickleball paddles tend to be lighter. These are great options for gamers who prefer to play the majority of their games online. Paddles with graphite or carbon fiber faces tend to be the most common paddles associated with feel.

power pickleball racket

Power pickleball paddles are generally heavy, weighing about 8 ounces or more. These paddles are perfect for players who like a good tee shot and a solid base game. Fiberglass/composite face paddles tend to be the paddle face most associated with power.

balanced pickleball racket

A balanced pickleball racquet is the best racquet for both feel and power. A balanced paddle sacrifices a bit of power and feel in the middle. Balanced paddles are not limited to one type of face material, you can find balanced paddles for use with almost any face material.