Best Gifts for New Moms 2023 | The Pregnancy Ball

Recently, the "yoga ball" in the waiting room has received a lot of praise from mothers who have approved it. Sitting on it and bouncing it can greatly relieve the pain of uterine contractions and increase comfort. With great interest. What is the "yoga ball" that expectant mothers can't put it down? Let me introduce our old friend to you today~

In the eyes of mothers-to-be, the tool that looks like a yoga ball is actually a doula ball that has become very popular among mothers recently. A doula ball is a delivery ball, which refers to a large rubber ball, usually equipped with a fixed bracket. It's very comfortable to ride on.

Studies have shown that the traditional supine position is not conducive to the opening of the maternal pelvis, and the restriction of the position reduces the plasticity of the pelvis. The puerpera shakes in various positions on the delivery ball and the massage of the midwife has a strong stimulating effect on the pelvic floor muscles of the puerpera, which helps to open the cervix for smooth delivery.

During natural childbirth, rational use of pregnancy balls can effectively increase the rate of natural childbirth and reduce the degree of maternal pain.

So what are the benefits of pregnancy balls?

In the stage of opening the cervix, frequent uterine contractions make the muscles of the pregnant woman's whole body tense. The use of the maternity yoga ball can allow pregnant mothers to move independently, avoid excessive muscle tension, relieve pain, and make childbirth easier.

It can relax the pelvis of the pregnant mother, help the fetal head to descend, and effectively accelerate the labor process. And the pelvic space will be further expanded as the activity of the pregnant mother increases, so it can reduce the pain during childbirth.

The birthing ball increases the comfort of the mother and helps to relax the muscles of the whole body, thereby promoting the dilation of the cervix. At the same time, soft music can be played to make pregnant women more relaxed and effectively shorten the delivery time. You must know that many factors that hinder the delivery process are caused by "nervousness".

During childbirth, more than half of pregnant mothers will feel back pain. With the birth ball, pregnant mothers can adjust a comfortable posture and relieve low back discomfort through exercise.

How to use the Pregnancy Ball?

1. Pregnant women enter the waiting room when they have regular uterine contractions. During the waiting process, the midwife guides the pregnant women to use the birthing ball correctly.

2. Pregnant women wear loose and comfortable clothes, squat on the production ball during the interval of contractions, and perform ups and downs and side-to-side swinging movements. Through exercise, it plays an indirect friction effect on the lumbosacral region, buttocks, and vulva of the parturient, thereby relieving the pain caused by uterine contractions.

3. The pregnant woman's body, waist and pelvis can be fully stretched with the rotation of the maternity ball, and it also helps the fetal head to descend, enter the pelvis and rotate, helping pregnant women to give birth smoothly. In addition, the birth ball pregnancycan also distract pregnant women, increase comfort, and reduce concerns about contractions.

How to use a birthing ball during pregnancy?

The birth ball should be used under the guidance of a midwife. The following pregnant women are contraindicated and should never use the birth ball.

Pregnant mothers with serious complications such as high blood pressure and heart disease;

Pregnant mothers with pregnancy complications such as placenta previa and placental abruption;

The fetus has abnormal fetal heart rate and amniotic fluid contamination;

When drugs such as pethidine and diazepam take effect.Using Trideer's birthing ball, the material is soft, safer and non-toxic; and the birthing ball must have an explosion-proof test, and the load-bearing capacity is greater.