What is the benefits of birthing balls for pregnant women

For pregnant women who are about to give birth, the hospital will recommend the use of birthing balls, which are somewhat similar to yoga balls. Pregnant women use birthing balls to strengthen their productive capacity through yoga movements and training to help smooth delivery. So what is the benefits of birthing balls?

Benefits of Birth Balls for Pregnant Women

This emerging delivery method can improve women's breathing, hone the ligaments of the pelvic muscles, make women stronger and more resilient, able to withstand the huge challenges of childbirth, and prepare the body for pregnancy. When childbirth begins, a woman's body will have enough endurance, toughness, and elasticity, and the childbirth will become very smooth.

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1. Relieve labor pain

Using this delivery method can relax the expectant mother's pelvis and help the fetal head to descend. Once the fetus is successfully inverted, it will rotate naturally and flexibly, which can effectively speed up the labor process. In the second stage of labor, women continue to squat on the delivery ball, and the pelvic space will be further expanded, thus reducing the pain during childbirth.

2. Relieve waist discomfort

During childbirth, many women will feel low back pain, and with the help of birthing balls, mothers-to-be can constantly change positions and adjust the swing of the pelvic cavity to relieve the discomfort of the waist and back.

3. Help dilation of the cervix

The exercise ball makes the mother feel more comfortable and helps to relax the muscles of the whole body. Under the influence of this atmosphere, the cervix is easier to expand. Some hospitals also play soft music during this delivery method to make women more relaxed and effectively shorten the delivery time.

4. Avoid muscle tension

Women who use the delivery bed to give birth often maintain the same posture during delivery, which will cause muscle tension and increase the difficulty of delivery. The use of ball delivery can allow women to adjust and choose the best delivery posture independently, and maintain a good posture for delivery, avoid excessive muscle tension, and make delivery easier.

5. Distracting maternal attention

The pain caused by uterine contractions makes the mothers very sensitive, and the process of ball delivery is interesting and fun, which can distract mothers from paying attention to the pain of uterine contractions.

6. Take control of childbirth

With the birth ball, women can master the whole process of childbirth by constantly adjusting themselves and have autonomy.

7. Aids in Postpartum Recovery

Unlike the traditional birth method, women use the ball to give birth without pressing on the genitals, so the body recovers more quickly after giving birth. In addition, using this method of delivery can maintain the elasticity of the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, making it easier to regain a slim figure after giving birth.

8. The economy is interesting

Although this method of childbirth is novel, the cost is not high, it is very economical, and the operation process is interesting and safe, and it is loved and concerned by many women.

How to use the birthing ball

Pelvic rocking

With your legs apart, slowly rotate your hips, swinging back and forth, side to side. This helps the baby descend and rotate through the birth canal by using gravity and pelvic motion, and also relieves painful contractions.

Back massage, relying on the birthing ball to glide against the wall

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, lean your back against the birthing ball or place the birthing ball on your back against the wall, and move up and down with your back against the birthing ball, which can relieve back pain and facilitate the descent of the fetal head.

Hands and knees

Lie on your stomach on the birthing ball and have your partner press on the most uncomfortable areas of your back. This provides distraction and effectively relieves back pain. Place the exercise ball on the bed or the floor, lean on and wrap your arms around the birthing ball. Rock your hips from side to side. This relieves pressure on the wrist.

1. Kick after standing

Hold the yoga ball with both hands and kick your legs backwards. Stretches the outer thigh muscles to prevent anterior pelvic tilt

2. Sit and turn

Sit upright on a yoga ball with your arms raised.

Turn sideways

Soothes the back and waist

3. Kneeling Stretch

Put your hands on the yoga ball, kneel down, and press your shoulders down.

Stretch the back and waist and abdomen muscles

4. Squat to expand chest

Back against the yoga ball, stand against the wall, first stand and then squat, move up and down, soothe the back and chest

The above is what is the effect of the birth ball, and the benefits of using the birth ball for pregnant women, please continue to pay attention.