Birthing balls: what are they and how can you use them?

What is a birthing ball?

A birthing ball or birthing ball is a large inflatable exercise ball made of rubber. It is a standard exercise ball, which can be used by pregnant women during and after pregnancy. Pregnant women use birthing balls to strengthen their production capacity and help smooth delivery through yoga movements and training. Birth balls are a safe and beneficial non-drug method for normal labor and labor.

The diameter of the birthing ball is 1 m. It is a soft colored inflatable rubber ball. There are certain anti-slip patterns on the surface of the birthing ball. The birthing ball was first produced as an Italian children's toy, and it is mainly used for nerve injury. children's rehabilitation. Later, midwives in Germany discovered that the toy could speed up the progress of labor, and it was widely used in the delivery room. Since then, the toy has gradually been renamed the birth ball. For obstetrics, providing a safe and comfortable delivery environment for parturients can promote the smooth progress of delivery. The appearance of the birth ball provides a certain guarantee for the smooth progress of delivery. Finally, it can effectively promote the progress of natural childbirth.

Because the Extra Thick Birthing Ball can promote comfortable and relaxing movements for pregnant women, it can build the confidence of pregnant women to face pain, so they maintain a sense of control and happiness instead of passive obedience. Although pregnant women feel more and more frequent labor pains, But subjectively, pregnant women still feel that the labor pain is reduced, so the delivery ball can promote the free movement of the pelvis during childbirth, thereby reducing pain and promoting the birth of newborns, thereby shortening the labor process and promoting natural childbirth.

What are the benefits of using a birthing ball?

Pregnancy Ball

Here are some potential benefits of using a birthing ball.

Relieves back pain and improves your ability to get around.

Counter pressure is recommended on the perineum and thighs

Excellent support for your knees and ankles

Helps reduce spinal pressure

Ease labor pain and shorten labor time

Reduce anxiety and pain from contractions

Helps open the pelvic muscles

Helps keep you upright, which works with gravity to keep baby decent

Correcting the condition of the baby before birth

Which type of birth ball should you buy?

Buy a birthing ball that:

The size of the ball depends on your height. Your feet should properly touch the floor when you sit on it.

Choose the one with anti-burst feature and non-slip surface; under no circumstances should these Anti Burst Birthing Balls be placed near sharp objects, rough surfaces, and direct heat sources such as heaters, radiators, blowers, open flames, and stoves.

Should be able to hold your weight

Choose a well-known brand so you can be sure of its value

It should be pressure tested up to 330lbs

How are birthing balls used during pregnancy?

You can use a birthing ball during pregnancy

Sit comfortably while working or resting:

Getting on and off the ball is much easier than sitting on a soft sofa or hard chair.

Sitting on a ball is also a mini workout. Gently rocking and bouncing on it will keep your abs and back muscles upright.

For some gentle exercise:

The birth ball provides the balance needed, achieves better posture and works the abdominal muscles. It provides the necessary support to bear the weight of pregnancy.

Rock your pelvis from side to side while sitting on the ball. Pull your stomach in and try to smoothly arch your lower back.

How to use the birth ball after the baby is born?

The birth ball can be used after the baby is born in the following ways:

1. You can also sit on the ball to cuddle and soothe a crying baby.

2. Playing ball games can help strengthen your postpartum body.

3. You can also let your baby stand, walk and step on the ball.

4. You will be sore for a few days after release. Sitting on a ball is more comfortable than sitting on a hard surface.

5. Once you have your baby comfortably latched on, you can sit on the ball while breastfeeding. It's better than falling on the bed.