What are the benefits of wobble cushions?

What is Wobble Cushion?

Wobble cushion, also known as inflatable balance cushion, balance disc, stability cushion…, it is an inflatable air cushion that provides pelvic support, encourages postural control and aids in movement and balance. Swing cushions are available in wedge shape (moving sitting) and round (disco sitting). Benefits include: Improved balance, core stability and muscle strength. When we sit on it, we will sway left and right, so that we can exercise our balance.

Wobble Cushion has two sides, one side has many massage points, we can use it for foot massage. Its other side is relatively smooth. Children can also be used as a tool for sensory integration training or a toy for exercising balance to make their balance better.

Wobble cushion

What are the benefits of wobble cushions?

Wobble Cushion also has many uses and ways to play. Office workers who have suffered from low back pain for a long time, put it on the chair in the office and use it as a cushion, as if sitting on an exercise ball. Sitting on it can exercise the core muscles of the waist and make the muscles strong. Can reduce pain. It is also a good choice to use as a cushion. It can disperse the pressure on your lower back when you sit, improve your sitting posture, and relieve the pain in your lower back and shoulders.

1. The body swings with the cushion, and you can exercise while sitting.

2. It can be used as a seat cushion, back cushion, foot cushion...to meet multiple needs and functions.

3. Train the sense of balance through actions such as standing, kneeling, and sitting.