How To Wash Workout Gloves

Cleaning is a very healthy habit. Nobody regrets being such a clean freak or fanatic.

A gym and workout obsessed person needs many accessories such as the right clothing, the perfect sneakers and well-fitting gloves. But after a day at the gym, the stuff gets dirty and smelly.

As a fitness enthusiast, you know that workout gloves are a must-have item for almost everyone who works out or lifts weights. Without gloves, it is very common to get calluses, blisters, or injuries while lifting weights. It helps minimize the stress on your hands when lifting weights. This cute pair of gloves will not only hold your hands tightly, but also prevent your hands from getting calluses.

Why do your gloves need regular cleaning?

Just imagine putting your gloves back in your gym bag when you're done exercising. You've arrived home with a fresh feel to your activewear and socks.

Perfect! !

But have you ever wondered what you're missing close to your mouth or what you can't ignore while exercising? Yep...they're nothing more than workout gloves that get so close to you.

Workout gloves are small or don't sweat all the time. You don't wash them as often as you do your gym clothes until they get smelly or soaked through.


You practice this stuff your whole life. Let me let you in on a little-kept secret, the dark, damp environment in your gym bag is breeding the bad bacteria in your gloves.

Every time you put on these workout gloves, you're touching bacteria-infested, dusty, and greasy gym equipment. So yes, you are doing yourself a disservice by not washing your gloves regularly. Don't worry if you think they are thicker than other clothes.

If you've used your gloves during light workouts, you don't need to wash them every day. You can simply rinse them with water and place them in the sun. Never expose them to direct sunlight as this can crack the leather or rubber parts. However, Workout gloves need to be properly sanitized.

What is the proper way to clean gym gloves?

Before you start washing your workout gloves like any other garment, you need to follow the steps outlined below to keep them in good condition. It is always helpful to consult the manufacturer for information on washing guidelines. This not only avoids premature aging of the product, but also saves your hard-earned money.

Here, we jotted down some useful methods. take a look.

1. Hand wash is preferred. All you need to do is add some mild detergent to warm water and soak the gloves in the water. Then gently scrub with your hands to clean any dirt and bacteria that may have accumulated on the glove. Finally, rinse the gloves thoroughly with water to remove any residue and dry in the shade.

2. If machine washable, well, washing clothes in a washing machine is a good idea. This is a less time-consuming and energy-intensive process. In this age of technology, no one can deny the usefulness of this device.

However, it is best to put the workout gloves in a laundry bag when machine washing to reduce the possibility of deformation.

3. Never wash with boiling water, bleach and other strong acids, these will damage your hands and the workout gloves. Do not expose to the sun, because the material organization is easily damaged, resulting in pilling, loose fabric, deformation of gloves, and discoloration.


It's a good idea to wash your fitness accessories regularly. Workout gloves for men are without a doubt the most neglected item. Washing them now and then will allow you to use them comfortably while exercising. The refreshing detergent scent keeps you fresh all day long.

Careful washing and drying will also prolong the life of your gloves before you need to replace them.