How To Do Calf Stretch with a Yoga Strap

In this calf and hamstring stretch, try to use the yoga belt and blankets to provide support so that you can get maximum height to the spine and allow for freedom in your hamstrings.

【Benefits for doing Calf Stretch with a Yoga Strap】
Calms your mind;
Relieves your stress;
Stretches your spine, shoulders, and hamstrings;
Stimulates your liver, kidneys, ovaries, and uterus;
Improves digestion.

【Instructions for doing Calf Stretch with a Yoga Strap
1.Sit with your legs straight and your spine lifting straight up, hands pressing down beside your hips.

2.If you find that you cannot sit upright, try placing more blankets underneath your seat.

3.Press your thighs into the floor and lift the sides of your torso up with an inhale.

4.Place a yoga straps around the soles of your feet and hold the sides of the strap with each hand.

5.Pull on the belt as if drawing your arms back into your shoulder sockets and lift your chest up. Then, exhale, walk your hands down the strap closer to your feet maintaining the lift of your front body.

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【Contraindications for doing Calf Stretch with a Yoga Strap
Sacroiliac joint dysfunction;
Back problems, especially disc problems;
Second and third trimesters of pregnancy.