5 Reasons to Use an Exercise Ball in Your Workout

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In this article, we will be talking about some of the benefits that come along with using an exercise ball for your workouts. If you are a fitness person who frequently goes to the gym, you would know that the exercise ball is a staple at gyms. There are so many different exercises you can do using them and they are all really beneficial and can give an edge to your fitness journey.

So, let's dig deeper and understand how exactly exercise balls help with your workouts. But before that let's talk about some of the reasons why it is so important to work out for the audience who isn't as passionate about exercising.

Below is a summary that explains the significance of working out for your mental and physical health.

● Exercise helps you control your weight

Exercise is very useful when it comes to helping you prevent excess weight gain and can make a huge difference in your weight loss journey. This is because it keeps you engaged in physical activity, which helps burn calories, and as the intensity of the activity increases, the number of calories burnt increases too. Also, remember that while regular timed trips to the gym can be great don't worry too much if you can't make a lot of time to exercise every day because a small amount of activity is better than doing nothing at all. The element of consistency is the key here.

● Exercise combats health conditions

Suffering from mental health conditions? Along with seeking medical help, try incorporating productive things such as exercising into your schedule. Or are you worried about getting heart disease, high blood pressure, and cholesterol? From mental health issues to physical health, exercises can help you solve many issues. Here is a list of health problems that you can avoid with regular exercise: Metabolic syndrome, Stroke, High blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, Anxiety, Depression, Certain types of cancer, Arthritis, Falls, and so on!

Exercising has also proven to be great at improving your cognitive function and boosting concentration and productivity levels.

● Exercise improves mood

Exercising also helps improve your mood. Don't believe me? Try it out for yourself some time and you are bound to notice a difference. A quick gym session or a 10 m walk outside can help you feel so much better.

● Exercise boosts energy and improves sleep quality

Exercising regularly is not just good for improving your mood but also raises your energy levels, allowing you to be more productive. It also plays a crucial role in improving the quality of your sleep.

Now that we have the basics sorted, let's get to the real deal.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using exercise balls in your workouts.

1) Strengthens your core workouts

Using exercise balls to perform your workouts can help you build strength because these exercises can be very challenging and require effort at your end. You can even perform bicep curls, rows, and dumbbell presses on your exercise ball and as you carry out these activities, you will be able to strengthen your core since you end up using your core muscles for stability when doing these workouts.

2) Improves Your Flexibility

Improving flexibility is another benefit that comes along with using exercise balls as part of your workout. Warming up and stretching your muscles before you get started with your workout are also good practices to adopt.

3) Improves Your Balance

Using exercise balls while working out can help improve your balance. Even if you simply sit on the ball it will stabilise your muscles. When you sit on an exercise ball, you are making use of your abdominal and back muscles. This helps you maintain an upright posture and good balance.

4) Cardio Burn

Incorporating the usage of exercise balls as part of your cardio workouts is a good way of improving heart rate. Exercise balls are also quite lightweight; you can make use of them in fast-paced movement workouts. This helps in an effective burning of calories and enjoys a great cardio workout.

5) Sustainable

While conventionally produced exercise balls can be pretty detrimental to the environment, this is not a problem when it comes to the birthing balls that we produce. At Trideer we have always been mindful of sustainability issues when designing our products. This has been one of our core business practices and something that we have adhered to when producing our sustainable phthalates-free exercise ball. Our exercise balls have also successfully passed the California Proposition 65-Lead (Pb) & Cadmium (Cd) and California Proposition 65- Phthalates. The Trideer team was inspired to create these eco-friendly balls years ago when we were doing R&D on exercise balls and found out that there were high levels of heavy metals in the majority of balls available in the market at that time. Because we understood the environmental implications that it carried, we were determined to create something healthier and better for the environment and this is how the Trideer exercise ball came into being. So, using these balls does not pose any danger to your human health or the environment for that matter.

So, if you are looking to get your hand on a quality exercise ball , make a responsible choice and get yourself the Yoga exercise ball.

We hope that this article has proven to be a resourceful guide, helping you better understand exercise balls from a sustainability perspective.