The Gift of Movement With Trideer Exercise Balls

As we approach the holiday season, families find themselves preparing for the abundance of gifts, love, and warmth that may overtake them. Families are especially excited, and are met with high anticipation as they await the arrival of their bundle of joy! Having a baby is a gift in itself, but sometimes mom is matched with growing pains, fatigue, and low energy. During this season, prepare your body for birth with the gift of movement. Consistent movement during labor is key for birth, and Trideer exercise balls are perfect for just that.

As you prepare for birth, physical fitness is key for hearing your body up and establishing a rhythm for you and baby. Exercise balls are amazing for reducing aches and pains associated with the expanding body during pregnancy. I love Trideer exercise balls because they are durable, long lasting, and are accompanied by a stability ring, which is great for multitasking with movement while working from home or catching up on TV. Bouncing, pelvic circles and tilts, and lunges are all great ways to prepare the body for birth with an exercise ball.

The gift of movement keeps giving as you transition into active labor, and intentional movement is key for bringing your baby into this world. The Trideer exercise ball is amazing during labor, and all forms of movement will allow your baby to move through the pelvic bones and through the outlet. Laboring moms can use the exercise ball for active movement and resting positions, making it easier to journey through labor with greater confidence.

The gift of movement is easy with Trideer, and our best exercise balls are perfect for expectant mothers everywhere. During this holiday season, take a few moments to spread the warmth of love and appreciation for your little one in the womb by daily movement on your exercise ball!