Best Ways to Take Care of Your Exercise Ball

In this article, we will be talking about the different ways in which you can take care of your exercise ball.

If you regularly use exercise balls, you will know that without the proper guidance, it can be difficult to take care of your exercise balls and keep them in a good condition. So, if this is something that has ever bothered you, definitely consider sticking right till the end because we will be discussing everything you need to know to be able to take care of your exercise balls.

So let's get started!

Important care instructions for handling exercise balls

i) How to store your exercise ball

Because of the shape of exercise balls, it can be challenging to effectively store them but that is not going to be a problem anymore. We are sharing some very useful tips that will help you store them properly.

1. Closet space

Quickly go and check if you have some extra closet space. If yes, utilize that space for the ball. Now, this might appear to be a no-brainer but many people do not think of such locations when looking for spots to store exercise balls.

To fit the ball in there without leaving the inside of the wardrobe cluttered make sure to take out all your clothes and reorganize them. Also, if you have a room dedicated to fitness activities in your room, try cleaning out an already-in-use closet or get a small new one and place it in that room to store your exercise ball and other fitness equipment. This way you will not have to work too much to set up your closet and your fitness room will remain neat and clean too.

2. Use a Bungee Cord

You can use a bungee cord in a corner of your room to rest the ball. This one is a pretty cheap way as the work can be done using a plain string or even a rope. Moreover, it is ideal for those who do not have a lot of storage space since walls usually are empty.

3. Attach a large net to your wall

If you are looking for a simple hanging option, consider going for a large net that can help you keep your exercise ball away with minimum hassle. We suggest that you choose a corner space to hang the net around so that you don't keep bumping into it.

4. Build a PVC storage rack
For fitness freaks who have multiple exercise balls, getting yourself a small storage rack will be a good way of keeping all your balls together in an organized way. You can easily build a storage rack for yourself using pipes, by making 2 rectangles using a pipe and making 3-way elbow joints. Next, you will want to support the pipes into the joints at the corners and fit the 2 rectangles together and ta-da you are done!

The best way in which you can store your Trideer exercise ball is by keeping it in a box or wrapping it in a soft cloth to prevent the ball from getting damaged. Also, make sure to keep it away from furniture, sharp and pointy objects, direct sunlight, and from flammables and explosives such as electric heaters.

ii) How to clean your exercise ball

Whenever you have to clean your exercise balls just take a soft cloth or a sponge along with mild soapy water. It is not recommended to use chemical cleaners because they may end up damaging the surface of the ball.

Now that we have talked about all the do's, let's also shed some light on all the don'ts: things that you are NOT supposed to do with your exercise balls.

First things first, avoid sitting on it for way too long. While an exercise ball might be highly comfortable to sit on, especially for mothers right after they give birth, sitting on them for too long can end up fatiguing your muscles. Secondly, do not get yourself an exercise ball that is not appropriate for your use. Exercise balls are usually available in the market in different sizes ranging from 45 to 85 cm. You need to get the one that works best for you. Ideally speaking, you need to ensure that when you are sitting on the ball, you can bend your knees comfortably at a 90-degree angle while still being able to rest on the floor. You will be using your exercise ball to perform a lot of balancing activities so you must have the right fit. Thirdly, do not hold your breath in for too long when trying to maintain a balance. For you to enjoy the workout fully, you must maintain a good breathing mechanism.

Sustainability and exercise balls

So we have talked in detail about the different ways in which you can effectively take care of your Trideer exercise ball but we still haven't addressed an important question: how do you choose an exercise ball that helps you take care of yourself and the environment? Well, the answer is simple, investing in a sustainably produced exercise ball.

At Trideer we have always been mindful of sustainability issues when designing our products. This has been one of our core business practices and something that we have adhered to when producing our sustainable Phthalates-free exercise ball.

The Trideer team was inspired to create these eco-friendly balls years ago when we were doing R&D on exercise balls and found out that there were high levels of heavy metals in the majority of balls available in the market at that time. Because we understood the environmental implications that it carried, we were determined to create something healthier and better for the environment and this is how the Trideer exercise ball came into being.

The exercise balls that we make at Trideer are both fit for human contact and good for the environment and have also successfully passed the California Proposition 65-Lead (Pb) & Cadmium (Cd) and California Proposition 65- Phthalates.