How to Inflate an Exercise Ball

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Welcome to the magical world of the Trideer exercise ball! We can't wait to unfold your journey with it! Also known as yoga ball, stability ball, pregnancy ball, and birthing ball, the Trideer exercise ball works wonders in pregnancy, yoga, Pilates, core workouts and beyond. However, in order to make the most out of your exercise ball workout, the Trideer ball must be the right size for your individually. Keeping your Trideer exercise ball inflated to the right size ensures your safety during workout and helps you bring you A game.

In this article we'll take you through the most complete intro & instructions on unboxing, inflation, reinflation, measuring, and storage. Feel free to also watch our detailed video demonstrating all of the above. So buckle up, and let's roll!

Unboxing Your Surprise

Now open the box and you’ll see all of the essentials lying in line awaiting to be of your service. They are:

· 1 folded exercise ball - Your best workout partner

· 1 foot pump + 1 hose - For effortless inflation

· 2 plugs - No leaking is allowed

· 1 plug remover - Unplugging just made easy

· 1 measuring tape - Yes, we take precision seriously

· 1 user manual - Your go-to to get all the info you’ll need

Inflation Tips

We know you are now super excited to inflate your yoga ball upon its arrival! But haste makes waste, right? So kindly be patient and let your Trideer yoga ball rest at a normal temperature for approximately 2 hours prior to inflating it, and bear in mind not to inflate it when it is cold to best maintain it.

1 Important Detail to Make a World of Difference

After the initial inflation, you’ll have to let the Trideer exercise ball sit for a minimum of 24 hours or 2-3 days at best before pumping it up further, to allow the material to fully stretch and reach optimum elasticity. That’s why the initial inflation only reaches 80% or so of the desired size, meaning the diameter or height of your Trideer exercise ball. Then, reinflate the Trideer ball to its intended size.

Let's Get Pumping!

Inflating the exercise ball for the first time is quite a nice workout in itself! But don't worry! We've got you covered! The work should be just under 10 minutes. In fact, it only took the Trideer team 4 minutes to get it full. So follow us through and let's get some pumping going!

Here are the Steps:

1. Secure the hose to the pump’s blue nozzle.

2. Place either of the two nozzle tips on the opposite end of the hose (the two nozzles are of the same size).

3. Insert the nozzle tip into the exercise ball.

4. Begin inflation by pressing your foot (or hands if you prefer a tougher workout ;) on the pump pedal.

5. Persist with pumping to achieve the maximum size of the exercise ball, and then give it a few more pumps since some air will be lost when replacing the nozzle with the plug.

6. Remove the nozzle and quickly seal the yoga ball with the plug. Make sure it is nice and snug.


If you’ve already left your Trideer exercise ball for 24 hours or 2-3 days, or if your task is to add air to a slightly deflated ball, that’s where reinflation comes in.

Get a plug remover and a pump ready and here we go:

1. Remove the plug:

1) Slide the plug remover or the dull edge of a butter knife underneath the plug, , or situate your finger or fingernail under the plug.

2)Twist or wiggle the plug back-and-forth and upward if it does not come out easily.
Tip: Use your finger to gently contain the plug so it will not fly out like a rocket (seriously ;))!

3)Once you lift an edge of the plug, pull it completely out of the yoga ball.

2. Very quickly block the hole with your finger once the plug is removed to avoid air leaking.

3. Get the foot pump into your yoga ball.

4. Press on the pump to add more air in.

5. Once you feel it is firm and supportive (but not tight like a drum!), remove the pump nozzle and quickly insert the plug.


Ok, you are almost there! Now you can measure the height of your Trideer exercise ball to determine whether it is inflated to the intended size.

Knowing Your Purchased Size

Ideally, upon your purchase you already knew the size of your yoga ball. If not, simply check it out on the packaging. For instance, for a 26 in / 65 cm Trideer exercise ball, the option of 65 cm is checked on the packaging.

How to Measure

For anyone who is particular on the size of the Trideer Pilates ball, knowing precisely how big it is is quite reassuring, so dive in and measure away!

1. Use the tape measure and make a mark on your wall at the same height as the Trideer exercise ball's diameter.

2. Place a yardstick or long book on the top of the exercise ball parallel to the floor and against the wall to see if the Trideer ball reaches about the same mark level

Tip: If your exercise ball does not reach the exact height, don’t panic! Please kindly know that it is normal for it to fall within a certain range (please refer to the Size Chart) rather than be the exact desired size. Take a 65 cm / 26 in Trideer exercise ball, it falls between 58-65 cm / 23-26 in upon full inflation. If it falls under the range, please reinflate again until it reaches somewhere within the range.

How to Deflate

If you need to deflate your Trideer exercise ball for storage or transport, or just so that it fits your body better, you can do it the old school way, but also go smart with our secret tip. ; )

1. Remove the plug remover (please refer to the Reinflation section).

2. Apply pressure to your exercise ball by squeezing or bouncing on it to encourage air to escape from it.

To get the last bit of air out, you can:

Go Old School - Roll or fold the yoga ball to expel the remaining air.

Or Go Smart

Attach the hose onto the pump’s red nozzle which serves as an air intake valve to release air automatically.

Trust me, you'll be amazed at how efficiently this works to suck all the air out completely of the ball and save you from lower back pain! It gave us goosebumps when we first witnessed its magical performance. And you are welcome. ; )

How to Store

The Trideer exercise ball is such a wonderful fitness and lifestyle companion that we totally understand your wish for it to embrace longevity. Don’t you worry! We’ll have a special article dedicated to how to take care of the Trideer exercise ball, but for now, to keep it short and sweet, please kindly store the Trideer ball at room temperature and keep it away from sharp objects, pets and wood furniture.

Now please allow the Trideer exercise ball to fire up your core and revitalize your workout routine!