How many yoga blocks does a beginner need?

Yoga instructors often suggest their beginner students to buy yoga blocks to facilitate their practice, but how many yoga blocks does a beginner need?

Most of the time you may see people buy yoga blocks online, and often a pack of 2, and that makes perfect sense! Since many yoga poses are symmetrical you’ll probably need one yoga brick for each side. And having only one yoga block would make it too much of a trouble to switch between sides. So on average, a yoga practitioner needs 2 yoga blocks, and you won’t regret buying them.

Plus, when it comes to more support, you’ll have to use more yoga blocks, and 2 is always better than 1. Possessing 2 blocks allows you to modify the pose to make it more accessible to you.

If budget is a problem, you can always go for cheap yoga blocks, and Trideer is where “cheap yoga blocks” meet “the best yoga blocks”. You don’t have to sacrifice quality because of your yoga block price.

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Last but not least, if you find you no longer need the second yoga brick, just give it away to your best yogi friend or donate it to a local studio that you like.
However, at the end of the day, how many yoga blocks does a beginner need - this entirely depends on your personal practice. Some may need none, some many need more than 2, and for some 1 is just perfectly enough.