Is a Yoga Block Worth it?

Is a yoga block worth it? If you have ever used any yoga brick, then it’s a question that you would never ask! In fact, even cheap yoga blocks can enhance your yoga practice no matter if you are a total beginner or an advanced practitioner. And don’t get me wrong, cheap yoga blocks do not equal bad quality yoga blocks. Anyway, let’s get down to business.

Here we have some major benefits laid out for you to learn about the wonderful worthiness of yoga block use.

1.Bring the floor closer to you

The small or large yoga block makes yoga poses more accessible by adding length to any of your 4 limbs. This is so that you are able to fully embrace all of the benefits a pose can offer, yet never hurting yourself by compromising your alignment.

2.Avoid injury

Best yoga blocks are those that can reduce pressure on your muscles, joints, and ligaments so as to prevent potential injuries due to stress. This is even more so when you practice more advanced poses, the yoga block lets you modify them in a way you do not force your body into a pose that you are not ready for.

3. Get deeper or hold longer in yoga practice

If you do a search on yoga blocks for beginners, you would probably find out that yoga blocks are also for more advanced practitioners. The yoga block use helps you achieve a more intense stretch by allowing you to sink deeper into the pose. In restorative practices, you’ll find that, with the use of the yoga brick, it is easier to fully surrender into poses and hold them for longer and with more comfort.

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Is a yoga block worth it? Well, try it for yourself and the answer is pretty evident!