Which is the Best Yoga Block?

The yoga brick is the very first prop that a beginner yogi would be introduced in their initial yoga classes as they are versatile and essential in laying the foundation of correct alignments and they make poses more accessible. But among all those yoga blocks for beginners, which is the best yoga block?

Well, the general rule of thumb for choosing the best yoga blocks is that they provide excellent stability and the best yoga block price point, are suitable weight and size wise, and sustainable if possible.

So which is the best yoga block?

Choose high-quality materials in the construction of yoga blocks. They should not be squishy so that they won’t collapse to the side, especially in standing poses.

If you carry your yoga blocks to the studio all the time, then lightweight blocks are perhaps your best choice. Wood yoga blocks and foam yoga blocks are of huge differences. Imagine if you accidentally drops a foam yoga block like Trideer’s yoga block, it certainly won’t kill your foot. ; ) On the other hand of course, the heavier wood and cork blocks do offer a more substantial feel and they are good in supporting poses like balancing ones.

All of Hugger Mugger’s blocks are made from sustainable materials. Here’s a rundown of the materials we use in our blocks, and their sustainable qualities. All Hugger Mugger’s Yoga Blocks are non-toxic and recyclable.
We all want to contribute to a better environment, and there are more and more eco friendly yoga blocks on the market. You might not know that EVA Foam yoga blocks like the Trideer Yoga Blocks are actually non-toxic and recyclable so they certainly have those sustainable qualities that you desire!

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