Movement During Labor with an Exercise Ball

Movement during labor is very important during the active labor stage. There are several positions and movements that can be done on the exercise ball to assist with your baby moving down the birth canal. Intentional movement is key, and with an exercise ball, opening the pelvis to create space has never been easier.

Pelvic Circles

While sitting upright on the Trideer Exercise Ball, rotate your hips in a circular motion. During this time of intentional movement, deep circles ensure enough space is being created in between contractions. Place your feet wide enough apart, and make sure they are sturdy. Circles are best done without the stability ring.


Bouncing on an exercise ball is a great form of motion during active labor. Bouncing assists with gravity, moving baby down and allowing baby to be in an engaged position to enter into the inlet. You can use the stability ring while bouncing, and placing your hands on your hips or thighs will provide you with even more stability in between contractions.

Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic Tilts are great for creating space for baby to enter into the inlet during active labor. While sitting on the pregnancy ball exercises for pelvic pain, rock your hips forward and backwards. The Trideer Exercise Ball is great for assisting with this rhythmic movement, and your baby will move down while you are rocking.


It is very important to ensure that baby is engaged and in alignment during active labor. Lunges on the Trideer Exercise Ball will help with accomplishing this very important step. While sitting on the exercise ball, place you’d feet wide enough apart to lunch from left to right. This movement is best with the stability ring removed from beneath your exercise ball. Place your hands on your hips or thighs for additional support.

These positions are amazing for moms during labor, and will assist tremendously with moving through active labor and into transition. Grab a Trideer pregnancy Ball and practice prior to the start of labor. It will allow you to build the confident you need with each position, and will ensure that you are able to move fluently through each position during labor.