How to Use an Exercise Ball to Induce Labor

Proper use of the exercise ball can help pregnant women give birth smoothly, relieve back pain, and avoid muscle tension. Therefore, it is not only necessary to use it during childbirth, but also has many benefits when used in advance. So when do birth balls start to be used?

Exercise ball usage time for birthing

A doctor said: "For pregnant women, the exercise ball is not only needed during childbirth, but also in the middle and late stages of pregnancy.

It is not only beneficial to relieve the soreness of the lower back, stretch the muscles, but also facilitate the rotation of the fetal head. Especially before labor, sitting on the birthing ball is more conducive to the opening of the pelvis and smoother delivery.

Not only that, but the action of pressing the legs due to the maternal contraction can also open the pelvis. "

When the pregnant mother has regular contractions, she can start using the birthing exercise ball.

During the interval of uterine contractions, ride on the birthing ball, follow the ball and shake the body back and forth, and complete the birthing ball exercise with the help of medical staff, which can relax the pelvic floor muscles and relieve the nerve pain in the perineum.

In addition to riding, pregnant mothers can also climb or lie on the exercise ball, which can avoid the discomfort of lying on the bed, relieve pain, and relax the mind and body.

Adjust the position of the fetus through changes in the maternal position, which is conducive to the descent of the fetal head.

Additionally, we can relax our body by resting our lower back on the ball and in a squat position.

Exercise Balls Aid Postpartum Recovery

Unlike traditional birthing methods, women will not be pressed to the genitals when using the birthing ball, so the body recovers more quickly after giving birth. In addition, using this method of delivery can maintain the elasticity of the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, making it easier to regain a slim figure after giving birth.

Specific steps for using an Exercise ball

1. The contraction gap starts to move. When a preganancy woman has regular labor pains and contractions, she can choose to sit on the birthing ball during the interval period, follow the ball and shake her body back and forth, and complete the exercise ball movement with the help of medical staff, so that the pelvic floor muscles can be relaxed and the perineum can be relieved. nerve pain.

2. Multi-party cooperation for childbirth. When the childbirth officially begins, the parturient should adjust her posture, breathe rationally, use strength scientifically, cooperate with and accept the help of the midwife while doing the birthing ball exercise, and finally give birth smoothly.

Benefits of birthing balls

Reduces stress on pelvic muscles

Provides comfortable support for knees, ankles

Maintain adequate abdominal and back strength

Promote the descent of the fetal head, accelerate the labor process, and relieve pain

Maintain good posture to keep muscles from overstretching

Relieves low back discomfort by shifting positions and swinging the pelvis

Distracts and reduces sensitivity to contractions Relaxes body muscles and promotes dilation of the cervix

The above is when to start using the Exercise ball for birthing, and the use time of the birthing ball, please continue to pay attention.