When to Start Using Exercise Ball in Pregnancy

As modern women, we generally pay great attention to our appearance and figure, so we will find that more and more women start to exercise. For pregnant women, we also hope that our figure can remain the same as before, and we can return to our original appearance as soon as possible after giving birth. Therefore, yoga can also play a certain role during pregnancy, such as the more common yoga ball exercise. So what are the benefits of a yoga ball for pregnant women? How to use yoga ball for pregnant women? Can pregnant women practice yoga ball after a few months of pregnancy? Let's find out together.

The Benefits of Yoga Ball for Pregnant Women

1. When pregnant women sit on the yoga ball, as their bodies shake, the yoga ball vibrates up and down to exercise the pelvic floor muscles and increase their elasticity, which is of great benefit to the productivity during childbirth.

2. When pregnant women sit on a yoga ball, they are not as stable as a chair, so both the pelvic floor muscles and the anal sphincter are a little tense, which can help pregnant women exercise the strength of the anal sphincter and prevent hemorrhoids.

3. The yoga ball is made of soft PVC material. When the human body is in contact with it, the inflated yoga ball will evenly touch the contact parts of the human body to produce a massage effect, which is beneficial to promote blood circulation.

4. Pregnant mothers sit on the yoga ball for a long time, and they can do more movements on the yoga ball. Naturally, they can improve their endurance, muscle strength, spine flexibility and balance by sitting on the yoga ball.

5. Pregnant mothers should also beware of various diseases during pregnancy. Sitting on a yoga ball can prevent bone loss and muscle fatigue.

How to Use The Yoga Ball for Pregnant Women


1. Press one leg on the fitness ball, bend your arms and cross them on the back of your head, slowly stretch your whole body to the left, repeat several times, and switch sides.

2. Separate your legs as far as possible, raise your left arm, slowly stretch your body to the right, hold the ball with your right hand until your left arm is parallel to the ground, take a deep breath, and keep the posture for a few seconds.

Upper Body on The Ball

1. Straighten your hands to support the ground, keep your legs together; stretch your back, lift one leg as high as possible, then put it down, and switch to the other side. It has the effect of thin legs and buttocks.

2. Place the upper body in the square position of the ball, and support the ground with both hands; separate the legs, and slowly lift one leg until it is parallel to the ground, keep the position for a few seconds, and repeat the process by changing sides.

Sit on The Ball

1. Keep your legs together, raise your hands upwards, and your fingers face each other. Take a deep breath, draw your abdomen in and straighten your chest, and lift your whole body upwards as much as possible.

2. Separate your legs, do the splits, straighten your arms, hold the fitness ball with your hands from your chest, lift it up, take a deep breath, lean your body's center of gravity as far back as possible, and keep the posture for a few seconds.

3. Raise one leg and keep it parallel to the ground. At the same time, raise your arms and hold the position for a few seconds. Slowly lower the legs and arms again, repeat several times, and then switch legs.

Lying on the Ground

Put your legs together, place your left leg on a fitness ball, arch your right leg to keep it perpendicular to the ground, lift your upper body up, and make a straight line with your left leg. Take a deep breath and hold the pose for a few seconds.

Well, the above is the relevant content about how to use the yoga ball for pregnant women introduced by Trideer. It is recommended that you find a professional fitness center. In addition, when pregnant women use yoga balls, it is best to consult a doctor first to see if they are suitable for pregnant women such as yoga. Exercise, because everyone's body is different.

How Long after Pregnancy can Pregnant Women Practice Yoga Ball?

1. Everyone knows that pregnancy is divided into three stages. The first stage is the first three months of pregnancy. Because the fetal development is not very stable, miscarriage may occur at any time, so it is not recommended at this time Practice with a yoga ball.

2. When you have been pregnant for more than three months, and the physical condition is good in the hospital, and the fetal development is also sound and perfect, then you can do some appropriate exercises, such as doing yoga balls. When doing yoga balls, it can avoid fetal displacement, and it will be more convenient to have children in the future.

3. Finally, it is also suitable to do yoga ball exercise in the third trimester of pregnancy, because it can reduce pain in the later stage and make the delivery time shorter.

Attention to The Use of Yoga Balls for Pregnant Women

1. Pay attention to measuring the pulse during exercise. The intensity of pregnant women's exercise should be controlled within 150 beats per minute.

2. Before exercising, you should consult your doctor to know what kind of exercise is suitable for you.

3. After more than 4 months of pregnancy, exercise in the supine position should be avoided, because the weight of the fetus will affect the blood circulation of the pregnant woman.

4. Drink enough water before and during exercise, and pay attention to pause and rest during exercise.

5. Wear loose clothing when exercising, and do not move in too hot or humid environments.

6. Before and after exercise, you must warm up and relax, especially pay attention to the active ligaments.

7. Pregnant women should always be able to speak normally when exercising. If the pregnant woman has difficulty breathing, the fetus may be hypoxic.

The above is how to use the yoga ball for pregnant women introduced by Trideer, and the introduction of the relevant content that pregnant women can practice after a few months of pregnancy. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.