What Size Exercise Ball for Pregnancy

Moderate exercise during pregnancy is also very beneficial. Pregnant women can do some gentle exercise, such as yoga, which is of great benefit to the body and the fetus. If pregnant women practicing yoga need to prepare an Exercise Ball in advance, what size exercise ball for pregnant women need?

What size exercise ball should I buy?

The choice of birthing ball needs to be determined according to the body of the pregnant woman. There are many diameters of the yoga ball, such as 45, 55, 65, 75, 85 cm, etc. If the body is relatively petite, you can choose 45 cm. If the pregnant woman is taller, you can choose Choose 55 cm exercise ball. And 65 and 75 cm are more suitable for men. Choose a yoga ball with better elasticity and guaranteed quality.

If you are short, under 4'5", you will need a 45cm/S size ball for pregnancy and delivery.

If you are taller than 4'5" and below 5'1", please choose a 55cm/M size ball.

If you are of average height, between 5'1" and 5'9", you should buy a 65cm birthing ball L size.

If you are between 5'9" and 6'3", choose a 75cm/ XL size exercise ball.

If you are over 6'3", choose the 85cm yoga ball XXL size.

NOTE: Yes, birthing balls, yoga balls, and exercise balls are the same.

To determine if you are using the correct size birthing ball, try the following:

Sit on your exercise ball with your feet flat on the floor in front of you. According to experts, your hips should be exactly level with your knees, or slightly higher - about 5-8 cm higher.

This position shifts the baby's center of gravity forward, which relieves back pain and general discomfort associated with pregnancy.

This position also helps keep the pelvis open and relieves some of the stress on the lower back during labor and contractions.

Not only is it uncomfortable if your hips are lower than your knees, but it narrows the pelvic opening -- which is bad for baby's position.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

Don't try to fix a leaky or damaged ball -- it's not worth your safety. You, too, can gain peace of mind by purchasing a new exercise ball.

Keep your birthing ball away from any and all sharp objects. If you have other children, your house probably has small toys strewn across the floor. Make sure to clean the area you're using to prevent damage to your ball.

Towards the end of pregnancy, place a towel or absorbent pad on the ball while sitting down. This will help prevent water bursts.

Before attempting any exercises or stretches, make sure you are comfortable sitting on the ball.

As your pregnancy progresses and your body changes more quickly, your balance and center of gravity will change - so make sure someone is nearby and able to help you if needed.

Do not store your birth balls in high temperatures. This can cause the ball to swell and deteriorate.

The yoga ball is a kind of exercise tool used for fitness. It will have a massage effect when it is in contact with people every day, which is good for the blood circulation of the body. When exercising, you should pay attention to slow movements and must have a regular rhythm. Paying attention to relaxing the body and practicing yoga can reduce the pressure of pregnant women and enhance the bearing capacity of the spine and limbs. It is a very beneficial exercise.

In addition, when pregnant women practice yoga, they should wear yoga clothes with better air permeability, shoes must be non-slip, and water and towels should be prepared in advance. Pregnant women can practice some movements that are suitable for pregnant women. Don’t be like other students, so as not to hurt the body and fetus due to dangerous movements.

The above is the suggestion on how to choose the size of the yoga ball for pregnant women, I hope it can help you!