How to do King Pigeon with a Yoga Strap

Prolonged sitting, as a way of modern lifestyle, can cause a multitude of problems, and tight hip flexors are definitely one of them. King Pigeon is designed just for that! Practice King Pigeon with a Yoga Strap helps release the tension in the hip flexors so that you can enjoy better posture with open shoulders!

【Benefitsto of Doing King Pigeon with Trideer Yoga Straps

1. Opens your hips which increases mobility and flexibility in the hip joint.
2. Stretches your lower back to alleviate mild lower back or hip pain.

Here's how to do King Pigeon with the Yoga Strap:

1. From a Table Top position, send your right knee to your right wrist and slide your left leg behind you in line with your hip.
2. If hips are not level, place a folded blanket under both hips to level them up.
3. Lift your left foot up so that your toes point up to the sky. Take a loop of the Yoga Strap around the left foot and hold the Yoga Strap with your left hand behind you with your thumb pointing down, elbow up.
4. If you feel stable, start to also reach your right hand back to find the Yoga Strap.
5. Begin to walk your hands down the Yoga Strap closer to your foot.
6. Hold for 3-5 breathes and repeat on the other side.

【Trideer Yoga Strap

【Contraindications when do King Pigeon with a Yoga Strap】
2.Shoulder or back injury