4 Best Birthing Ball Exercises to Ease Pain in Pregnancy

Growing a baby in your belly is no easy job, and it for sure affects your body in many ways. Here’s an exercise ball comes handy. In this article we will explore the reasons of pregnancy related pain and how an exercise ball , also known as a pregnancy ball or a yoga ball, can help you get some relief and comfort.

What Causes Pain and Discomfort in Pregnancy?

-New hormones stretch your ligaments throughout the body, in particular your pelvic area, during pregnancy to prepare your body for labor. As your baby grows, your joints take more pressure and your center of gravity shifts forward to take away some abdominal support for your spine and lower back. All of the above may lead to some pain in your lower back, pelvis, groin, and round ligaments between your abdominal wall and growing uterus.

-The growing weight of your baby might press on your sciatica nerve that travels from the hips and buttocks and down both legs, which results in sciatica pain on this path.

An exercise ball proudly stands out among the many tools to relieve lower back pain during pregnancy and here’s why:

-A pregnancy ball is anti bust and anti slip, so doing exercises on it is quite safe.

-An exercise ball encourages movement through the joints and hydrates them.

-An exercise ball works wonders in stretching tension and pain away and building core stability to support the spine.

Check out the following 4 best exercise ball exercises you can do to make your pregnancy more comfortable. Please listen to your body and focus on your breath throughout the practice. Take a pause if you feel tired and make sure these movements are OKed by your doctor.


Rocking on a pregnancy ball sideways and forward and back stretches out the base of your spine, thus relieving pelvic and lower back pain. A great exercise to start as soon as you find out you are pregnant and can be practiced throughout your entire pregnancy.


1) Sit on your exercise ball with your legs open comfortably and feet turned out in line with your knees.

2) Gently rock forward and back on the top of the pregnancy ball a few times.

3) Then rock from side to side several times.

Repeat Step 2 and 3 for as long as you feel comfortable.


Drawing a figure 8 with your hips sitting on your exercise ball relaxes your hips and lower back noticeably. It also strengthens your core and improves your hip mobility. This is a simple movement that you can do while watching TV at home, or even working in the office!


1) Sit on the birth ball with your legs separated and feet turned out.

2) Visualize the figure of 8 in you mind’s eye, and draw it out clockwise with your hips. Do about 10 reps mindfully, and feel all the dynamic stretches as you move.

3) Change direction and move your hips counterclockwise for 10 reps. Keep breathing.

4) Repeat this set as many times necessary, or until you begin to feel tired.


Child’s Pose is a hip opener that relieves tight muscles in your back, shoulders, neck and chest. It is a yummy stretch to do throughout your pregnancy, and feels credibly amazing during your last one and a half months of pregnancy.


1) With the birthing ball in front of you, take your knees wide enough to accommodate your baby, big toes together.

2) Extend your arms forward and relax onto the ball.

3) If your hips do not sink all the way down, place a folded blanket under your bottom.

4) If your ankles are high away from the ground, place a small rolled towel underneath the front of the ankle.

5) Feel the stretch along the entire back and relax into the pose.

Tip: Avoid this pose if you have pubic bone pain.


Twists can be a great way to relieve some pregnancy related pain in your lower back and sides due to a growing and heavier belly. When you lay down with your legs on the exercise ball, it takes some pressure away from the thighs and lower back.


1) Lie down on a mat and place an exercise ball under your legs, with it touching the back of your thighs and lower legs.

2) Spread your arms in line with your shoulders.

3) Exhale and slowly drop your legs to the right as you turn your head to the left.

4) Inhale come back to center. Exhale legs to the left and head to the right.

5) Repeat this set for 5 to 8 times.

Tip: It is not suggested to lie flat for too long during pregnancy, so stay in this supine position only for as long as you are comfortable.

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