5 Easy Ways to Induce Your Labor Faster with a Birthing Ball

Giving birth is a beautiful journey and it should be your biggest achievement instead of your worst fear. Scientific research has shown positive results of faster and more comfortable labor with the use of a pregnancy ball during the later stage of pregnancy. So how exactly does a pregnancy ball, or sometimes called a birth ball, yoga ball, or exercise ball help you progress your labor with more speed and ease? In this article, we will explore its magic and 5 simple ways to induce your labor using such a birth ball.


Before you begin any of the following exercises, please make sure you first ask your doctor about the best time to start doing them to induce your labor. And always listen to your body and only do things that feel good.



1) Faster Engagement

Gently bouncing on the pregnancy ball works with gravity to bring your baby down so it can speed up the engaging of your baby into your pelvis, putting pressure on your cervix to get things moving along.

2) Less Contraction Pain

It is also a wonderful trick to deal with contraction pains so as to bring more comfort and relief to you in between contractions.

【Kind Reminders】

1) Take a pause if you are tired although it is safe to bounce on the exercise ball while pregnant.

2) Please keep in mind to maintain a straight back so that your baby can be engaged in an optimal position.


-1) Sit on your pregnancy ball with knees slightly lower than your hips and your legs separated to a comfortable degree to accommodate your baby.

Turn your feet out and align your knees with them.

-2) If you feel balance is an issue, by all means have some stable support like a table or a couch in front of or by the side of you.

-3) Start bouncing up and down on your pregnancy ball with your hands naturally on your lap or your support.

-4) Keep your back straight and your shoulders open.

-5) Breathe naturally and focus on the release of your tension through bouncing.

-6) Increase the intensity of bouncing when you feel more familiar and comfortable with this practice.



1)Speedier Birth

Rocking on the pregnancy ball encourages movement and correct alignment in your pelvis, resulting in a faster birth.

2)Less Pelvic Pressure

Rocking alleviates pregnancy related pelvic and tailbone pressure and contraction related discomfort.


-1) Sit on your exercise ball with your legs open comfortably and feet turned out in line with your knees.

-2) Gently rock forward and back on the top of the pregnancy ball a few times.

-3) Then rock from side to side several times.

Repeat Step 2 and 3 for as long as you feel comfortable.



Opens up Pelvis

Squatting is particularly effective at the onset of labor as it helps the baby drop more by creating more space and opens up your pelvis more, thus promoting more cervical dilation to speed up your labor.


Pelvic pain is pretty common towards the end of pregnancy, so if you ever experience that please avoid this practice.


1. Stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulders and feet turned out.

2. Slowly squat with the pregnancy ball in front of you as a support for stability and balance.

3. Feel free to place a few yoga blocks on the lowest setting or thick books under your bottom if squatting is too much of a pelvic stretch for you. However, you do need to feel some comfortable stretch in your pelvic floor.

4. Slightly pull your lower belly in towards your spine to support your lower back. And keep your back straight.

5. Stay here for a few breaths.

As you exit, engage your thigh and abdominal muscles to slowly and carefully sit back up on the exercise ball.



Dilates the Cervix

Making a Figure 8 on the pregnancy ball is another effective way to open up hips and pelvis so as to speed up your cervical dilation.

Less Back and Pelvic Pain & Optimal Baby Position

This movement massages your pelvic floor, promotes blood circulation in your lower back, thus reducing tension and pain in both areas.


1. Sit on the birth ball with your legs separated and feet turned out.

2. Visualize the figure of 8 in you mind’s eye, and draw it out clockwise with your hips. Do about 10 reps mindfully, and feel all the dynamic stretches as you move.

3. Change direction and move your hips counterclockwise for 10 reps. Keep breathing.

4. Repeat this set as many times necessary, or until you begin to feel tired.



Stress Free Back

Leaning forward on a pregnancy ball feels like heaven as the heavy belly moves away from the spine, giving the lower back a much needed break. It works wonders to relieve labor related pain and discomfort. 

Faster Labor

According to research, there is about 28% more space in your pelvis when you lean forward than lying down supine. That’s why a forward lean induces your labor noticeably.


1. Kneel with knees under your hips and the pregnancy ball in front of you.

2. Lean forward onto the ball and feel the stretch in your back.

3. Stay here for as long as comfortable and be aware of your breathing.

【Tips for Practicing】

Hope you enjoy a faster, easier, and more comfortable labor with these exercises. Get your own Trideer exercise ball and try these yoga balls . Please do let us know how they work for you!