Benefits of the Birthing Ball During Pregnancy

In this article, we will be talking about some of the benefits that come along with using a birthing ball during your pregnancy.

Before we start let's get the basics sorted.

What is a birthing ball?

A birthing ball is commonly known as a swiss ball and is the same as an exercise ball made usually from anti-burst material. The birthing ball cannot "pop" or burst like a balloon, but it deflates slowly. You can use a birthing ball during your pregnancy and also in labour.

Birthing balls are popular for several reasons, with use during pregnancy being one of the most common ones. From exercising to relaxing, pregnant women often find birthing balls as a good companion throughout their journey toward motherhood.

For those of you who are not already aware, using birthing balls throughout your pregnancy comes with several advantages. We have summarised some of these below and after reading them you are bound to add them to your shopping cart,

Here are the top 5 benefits of using a birthing ball:

1. Helps reduce back pain

It is common for new-time mothers to develop back pain following labour so if this sounds like something you are going through as well, using a birthing ball can be a great way to get your back the comfort it needs. This is not just useful after you give birth but even during your pregnancy as backaches are common during that phase as well.

2. Helps you stay fit

Sitting on a birthing ball is not just a great way of easing back pain but also useful for new moms who want to get started with their fitness journey. Gently rocking or bouncing on your birthing ball after giving birth can make for a quick workout. You can try this with your baby as well as it can help calm them down when agitated. While bouncing or rocking on your birthing ball your tummy and back muscles will help you stay upright, improving balance and positioning.

3. Helps improve your mental health

Postpartum depression and other related issues are real and can take a huge toll on your mental health. Therefore, during this time you must work towards keeping a check on your mental health as well. With the baby around this might appear to be at the very bottom of your priority list but in reality, it is very important because without taking care of yourself you can not take care of your baby either.

Sitting on a birthing ball helps improve mental health in multiple ways. It will force you to be mindful of your body and its movements and requires you to concentrate your mental energy on staying upright. All of this works towards improving your concentration levels and by the end of your workout session, you will find yourself with better concentration levels.

Exercising using a birthing ball every day will help you allocate some time for yourself where you can just relax and do what makes you happy. During this time you can reflect on things for example if you are going through burnout or are feeling stressed out because of the baby, remind yourself of how blessed you are, and all the other positive things that come along with motherhood. Trust me this can help you a lot and while taking out time can be challenging at first, if you prioritize, it will become a habit. And please do not feel guilty for allocating time to yourself. You need it and deserve a break every once in a while as well.

4. Helps you stay comfortable at work

Joining work after pregnancy can be quite difficult especially because you have to sit on office chairs for such long periods. A good way to cope with this would be to switch your office desk with a birthing ball. The convenience and comfort that comes along with sitting on an exercise ball are Unbeatable. It helps increase trunk muscle activity which in turn helps improve your posture and allows you to get rid of the discomfort that is accompanied by sitting on rough office chairs. Not only this but using exercise balls also help you maintain a good balance because unlike sitting on any regular office desk chair, sitting on an exercise ball requires work since a slight change in posture and there you go rolling on the ground!

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Apart from these, birthing balls also help with the following:

• It helps stimulate blood flow around your pelvic area. This is where your uterus and placenta can be found.

• It helps ease back pains

• Improves your ability to walk around comfortably

• It can provide a lot of comfort and support to your knees and ankles.

• It opens up even your pelvic floor muscles.

• It allows you to maintain an upright sitting position, reducing spinal pressure

• It supplies counterpressure to your thighs as well as the perineum.

Now that we have the benefits all sorted out, let's move on to some of the most common concerns that women usually have when it comes to using exercise balls.

When can you start using a Birthing Ball?

So while this can vary based on your preferences, it is recommended that you start using a birthing ball from your first trimester and continue using it for exercising and other purposes till the final stages of your pregnancy. If you plan on using these birthing balls during labour as well it's good that you continue using them throughout pregnancy so that you can balance and maintain posture during labour as well.

What are the different ways in which Birthing Balls can be used during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, birthing balls can be used for different purposes that range from wanting to sit more comfortably to getting some mild exercises done. Some people even use it for changing the baby's position during pregnancy.

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