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Why join Trideer Affiliate Program?

1. Free to join

2. 5%~15% commission on all approved sales (excludes returns and cancellations)

3. Daily datafeed available

4. Newsletters featuring our new arrivals, best sellers, and promotions

5. Stylish banner images and other creatives

6. Promotional coupon codes

7. Responsive affiliate managers

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Please visit our Shareasale Affiliate Network page to apply.
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How to join our ShareASale Affiliate program?

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Our affiliate program is powered through Share-a-Sale. One of the leading providers of affiliate programs on the internet today. They have been around since 2000 and are noted for making accurate and on time commission payments.

First you will apply for a Share-a-Sale account. Once approved you can then apply to be part of the Trideer affiliate program.

One great part of being powered by Share-a-Sale is that you can easily work with other merchants and their Share-a-Sale powered programs as well.



Once your account is approved you will be able to log in at Share-a-Sale and get banner ads and links to direct people to Trideer.

These links allow you to refer traffic to us and in turn you get paid. Some affiliate programs will pay just for referrals, but we only pay for converted sales. When people come to us through your links they are now connected to us through you. When the sale is completed you are credited with a commission.

This does not have to happen immediately after they click the link. If they come back any time in the next 30 days after clicking the affiliate link you will be credited with a commissioned sale. Get creative here. In addition to putting links on your website you can also use Blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, Email, Article writing; use your imagination and work to get get traffic that is interested in purchasing our products.



It's just that simple! Join the program, use your special links to link to us, get paid when someone you reffer completes a sale. Every month you could open your mailbox to a check.

So if you are new to ShareASale, You can fill in the form below to register. If you are already a member of Share-a-Sale, just sign in and join our affiliate program now. If you’re a fan of Trideer and you’re making waves with your blog posts, Instagram stories, TikTok dances, podcast, or newsletter, then you just might be a perfect fit for the Trideer Affiliate Program. Check out two ways to get involved below:


Social Ambassadors

If you’re open to promoting Allbirds through your social channels (specifically Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube), we offer a commission on all net sales, as well as the potential to get your hands on some free products.

Media Publications

If you’ll be promoting through other online mediums such as a publication, email newsletter, podcast, personal blog, or pretty much anything else outside the world of likes and retweets, we offer a commission on all net sales.

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If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us:
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