Pregnancy Ball

Best Gifts for New Moms 2023 | The Pregnancy Ball
Recently, the "yoga ball" in the waiting room has received a lot of praise from mothers who have approved it. Sitting on it and bouncing it can greatly relieve the pain of uterine contractions and increase comfort. With great interest. What is the "yoga ball" that expectant mothers can't put it down? Let me introduce our old friend to you today~
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What is the benefits of birthing balls for pregnant women
For pregnant women who are about to give birth, the hospital will recommend the use of birthing balls, which are somewhat similar to yoga balls. Pregnant women use birthing balls to strengthen their productive capacity through yoga movements and training to help smooth delivery. So what is the benefits of birthing balls?
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Do birth balls help with labor?
Childbirth is a natural process of birth. Natural childbirth is beneficial to both mothers and babies, but the pain of childbirth makes many mothers-to-be daunted. But in fact, we can use some methods, such as the introduction of childbirth analgesia technology, doula guidance, family companionship, yoga ball exercise, childbirth dance and other means, to help mothers successfully complete childbirth in a fully safe and relaxed environment, so that Babies come into this world with tenderness and love.
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