How to use yoga therapy balls?

Exercise ball yoga is an emerging fitness exercise that combines the elasticity and rolling of the ball based on traditional yoga postures. Compared with traditional yoga, "Ball Yoga" is more interesting. It can be used to help exercise the sense of balance of the body, enhance the ability to control muscles, and improve the flexibility and coordination of the body.

Using the yoga ball, you can also do a lot of stretching exercises, which can not only avoid muscle soreness, but also have a massage effect. When people are in full contact with the ball, it will massage the human body well. The fitness ball can provide the necessary support for yoga movements, so as to better train your toughness, flexibility, and sense of balance.

Borrow yoga balls to restore the perception and balanced response ability of patients with neurological diseases, and help postoperative patients recover after surgery. Even prenatal mothers have received his care! And his rehabilitation physiotherapy effect on cervical spine, lumbar spine, hip joint, knee joint and other parts is remarkable. With the effective play of the rehabilitation function, the yoga ball has moved from the medical field to the sports world, and has become a popular and fashionable sports star. Combined with various sports, it has developed into ball yoga, Pilates ball, physical therapy ball exercises,fitness ball exercises and other courses, and is widely used. popular.

Advantages of exercise ball yoga


Where there is a yoga ball, there is joy, dynamic music, emotional exercises, ball lifting, jumping, rolling, and sitting. His round and elastic body helps us enter yoga poses more easily and more standardizedly Exercises such as stretching, twisting, lateral bending, and forward bending in the class make the classroom atmosphere relaxed and active.

Enhance concentration

Wander off during practice, your mind wanders, and your mind wanders! This can never happen in a yoga ball class, unless you are not afraid of falling, the rolling and moving yoga ball will firmly lock all your mind, let you use all your concentration, concentrate on your body, and be conscious Accurately complete each step and improve the quality of practice.

Stabilize the core

Bad living habits such as sedentary, Geyou paralysis, etc., let our power source "body core" no longer provide enough support and protection for the body. When we walk, run, sit, stand, and jump, the core plays a role silently. The weakened or long-term loose core of the body will increase the compensation of other muscles, which will have a bad impact on the spine, pelvis, and limbs. The yoga ball has an irreplaceable improvement of core stability and core strength. Through one-way core strength training, compound control strengthens the stability of the core.

Improve balance

The stability of the core can make our sense of balance stronger, and the elasticity, rolling and instability of the yoga ball can all improve the body's sense of balance and balance response.

Strengthen muscle strength

Come and open a new road to muscle strength exercises with the yoga ball. Activate muscles, strengthen muscles, and restore muscle strength and elasticity through step-by-step exercises. Honey, are your muscles still "sleeping"?

Fat reduction and shaping

High-intensity strength exercises can improve basal metabolism, burn fat faster, and can target different parts for fat reduction and shaping. Reduce arms and thin legs, bee waist, vest line, peach buttocks, yoga therapy balls will make you thinner and taller!

How to use yoga therapy balls?

We can use yoga balls to perform different yoga movements. Of course, balls of different specifications have different effects and feelings, so you should choose a fitness ball that suits you. Take your time when doing it, just do what you can, avoid unnecessary pain for yourself, and find some other support for yourself when necessary, and pay attention to using the yoga ball with your nose during the process. For beginners The difficulty is relatively high, and it takes a certain amount of practice to be able to play the huge ball flexibly, which requires more practice.

1. Cobra Pose

Lie prone on an exercise ball. Let your arms hang from your shoulders, arms next to the ball. Contract your glutes and back muscles to raise your head, chest, arms, and legs off the ground. Arms stretched back. Thumbs point to the ceiling.

2. Superman

Place the ball under the belly/chest with the entire body fully extended. Then alternately raise the arm and the opposite thigh while maintaining your balance. You can lift your supporting hand off the ground until you are confident with the movement.

3. Bridge

Arms straight, body in a straight line. Place your legs on an exercise ball. Keep your body in steady balance on the sphere, then use the sphere to lead your knees toward your chest. A mat should be placed under the knees and this exercise should not be performed on a hard surface. Repeat 8-10 times.

4. Windmill

Sit on a yoga ball, hold the ball with both hands, bend your right leg at 90 degrees, and stretch your left leg back to form a side lunge. After stabilizing the body, leave the ball with both hands, put the right hand on the ground to support the body, raise the left hand towards the ceiling, raise the head, and look at the fingertips of the left hand. Hold for 3 seconds and return to the starting position, then switch sides. Repeat the action 15 times.

5. Side raise

Stand on the ground with your feet shoulder-width apart, put your hands on either side of the yoga ball and lift the ball up, arms straight. Tilt your body to the right, hold the yoga ball high with both hands and move to the right with your body, and at the same time lift your left leg and separate it from your right foot by about 60 degrees. At this time, pay attention to straighten your legs and not bend them, and straighten your arms as much as possible. Hold for 5 seconds and return to the starting position, then switch sides. Repeat the action 10 times.

6. Collapsible

Sit on a yoga ball, put your feet together in front of the ball, bend your knees at 90 degrees, raise your hands high, straighten your arms and make fists with your hands. Using the strength of the waist, lift the feet as close to the abdomen as possible. After holding the movement for 3 seconds, put down the feet and hands at the same time. Then lift your feet again and raise your hands at the same time, repeating this 10 times.