7 Reasons why you need an exercise ball in your office

If you have ever heard about exercise balls before, you will know that they are quite useful. From helping you during pregnancy and Post-Partum to easing labour pain, exercise balls serve a lot of purposes and have something to benefit all. So, in this article, we will be talking about the benefits accompanied with using an exercise ball in your office.


Here are the 5 top benefits of using the Trideer exercise ball in your office.


1) Convenience


The convenience and comfort that comes along with sitting on an exercise ball are unbeatable and if you compare it with sitting on an office chair, the positivity rating goes even higher! Sitting on an exercise ball helps increase trunk muscle activity which in turn helps improve your posture, and enables you to get rid of the discomfort that is accompanied by sitting on rough office chairs. Considering how in most office setups, employees have to work for 9 hours sitting on chairs, these exercise balls can be a great solution to the misery of people who have to go to work daily.


2) Burn extra calories


Well, I am sure that many of you might not have seen this coming your way but it is true. Sitting on the Trideer exercise ball can help you burn calories. I bet this sounds like a dream come true for all those who work hard to lose a pound or so. I mean remaining fit can be pretty challenging sometimes!


If you use your exercise ball appropriately, you can easily burn a few calories in an hour or s.


So, how do you use an exercise ball appropriately?


Just keep these few things in mind and you are pretty much good to go!


  • Try and keep your knees hip-width apart
  • Ensure that both of your feet are flat on the ground
  • Always straighten your neck and spine and roll back the shoulders
  • Make sure to keep your abs activated by making circular side-to-side movements when you are seated on the ball


3) Sustainability


While conventionally produced birthing balls can be pretty detrimental to the environment, this is not a problem when it comes to the birthing balls that we produce. At Trideer we have always been mindful of sustainability issues when designing our products. This has been one of our core business practices and something that we have adhered to when producing our sustainable phthalates-free exercise ball. Our exercise balls have also successfully passed the California Proposition 65-Lead (Pb) & Cadmium (Cd) and California Proposition 65- Phthalates. The Trideer team was inspired to create these eco-friendly balls years ago when we were doing R&D on exercise balls and found out that there were high levels of heavy metals in the majority of balls available in the market at that time. Because we understood the environmental implications that it carried, we were determined to create something healthier and better for the environment and this is how the Trideer exercise ball came into being. So, using these balls does not pose any danger to your human health or the environment for that matter.


  1. Helps Relieve back pain


Suffering from constant back pain problems that drain your productivity? Well, not a problem anymore because exercise balls can help with your back pain issues. While just plainly sitting on it might not be very effective but if you take some time out and do a few stretches while sitting on the ball, it will prove to be miraculous for your back. Other exercises such as side stretches, bridges, and spine rotations are also quite useful when it comes to relieving back pain. How this works is quite simple. Sitting on an exercise ball office chair results in an increase in trunk muscle activity and thus activity triggers the body into dealing with discomforts such as back pain. However, if you have severe back pain, especially from an injury or a complex spinal condition, please refer to a doctor before practicing any of these exercises to be safe.


  1. Breathe better


When you spend long hours slouching over on your office desk, your lungs are shortened because the posture limits the amount of air you breathe in. With an exercise ball, your body maintains a proper sitting posture, and this results in a better breathing mechanism.


Breathing better in itself is quite good for your health and has many not instantly visible benefits for you. It can also boost productivity, relax your body and help it conserve energy because more energy is needed when transporting oxygen in a slouching position.


Moreover, better breathing increases airflow in your body which aids concentration, and quietens the nervous system in your brain which can be a great way of preventing anxiety.



  1. Increase your core strength


Exercise balls come without any back or arm support that is present in office chairs. While some people might see a drawback, it isn't because it can help build up strength. Due to the absence of support, your body has to automatically find ways to compensate which makes your core muscles stronger. Sitting on the exercise ball upright even helps activate your abdominal muscles and obliques.


  1. Promote good balance


Using exercise balls also helps you maintain a good balance because unlike sitting on any regular office desk chair, sitting on an exercise ball requires work since a slight change in posture and there you go rolling on the ground! (Sounds funny but can be both painful and embarrassing so do avoid it). Constant practice of sitting on exercise balls helps your body learn proper balancing so that you don't have to consciously make an effort to sit with the right posture after some time.


And that's about it!


We hope that this article has proven to be resourceful, helping you understand all the benefits that are accompanied by using exercise balls!


Let us know which one of these benefits you find most intriguing!



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