Doula Services | Birth Education Services | Postpartum Healing | Doula Training Preparing for Labor in January with a Birth Ball
As January unfolds, expectant mothers find themselves amidst the chilly winds and the anticipation of the impending labor. One of the essential tools to aid in this journey is the Trideer birth ball, also known as a birthing or exercise ball. This versatile tool not only provides comfort but also offers various benefits to prepare for childbirth. Here's how you can harness its potential:
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What does a therapy ball do?
If you want to practice physical therapy yourself at home, you can grab one of your big therapy balls and start exercising. If you are under 5ft 8in you should use a 55cm ball and if you are over 5ft 8in you should use a 65cm ball. But if you don't have such a ball, you can also find it online, at sporting goods stores, or in some department stores.
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4 Ways to Use a Pregnancy Ball During Labor
The thought of sitting on an unstable birthing ball during labor (or even pregnancy!) can be scary. But when used correctly, birthing balls (also known as exercise balls and exercise balls) are an excellent tool for maintaining a healthy pregnancy and a successful birth.
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